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Top Three Holiday Tips for Dog Owners

It seems like just yesterday that everyone was ringing in the New Year, and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up on the calendar. When the pumpkin patches and Christmas tree lots are open for the holidays, here are some tips that every dog owner should keep in mind.

Crucial Steps for Getting Your Dog Ready for the Show

Many dog owners may consider entering their dogs in a dog show and if this is the case then it’s necessary that you have your dog looking their best and able to overcome any challenge they might come across. This gives you greater confidence if you ever choose to enter them in a show as you won’t have to worry about the little things that might affect their performance. The result should be a positive experience any time you choose to enter your dog in a show.

Untrainable Dog Syndrome – Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Owning a highly problematic dog can make life extremely difficult. As the dog insists on behaving in an unwanted manner frustration and even anger build up inside you. Here are some valuable tips on how to start changing things for the better.

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs – Know Your Dog’s Lumps and Bumps

Canine mast cell tumors are among the most common tumors in dogs and are the most common type of skin cancer found in dogs. Mast cells are part of the immune system and found throughout the body. A canine mast cell tumor is a mass of these cancerous mast cells. They not only pose a cancer danger, but can pose other very serious dangers to your dog.

Choose The Right Type of Dog Collars For Your Pet

Most dogs serve as pets that we would like to train, walk, play, and be our companion too. They still have their animal instinct in them that we need to train and control to be accepted in the society. Many pet trainers would recommend using a collar and a leash in order to control them well. Dog collars are like a dog’s necklace except that it can serve different purposes for them.

How to Avoid Problems With Dog Bites

Your dog is more than a four-legged friend, he is part of the family. If you have recently adopted a pup or have enjoyed your pet for many years, you know you have a great responsibility in taking care of him. More than that, you must help your dog relate well to other people. When you take your dog for walks or out in public to a park or outdoor event, you need to make sure your dog won’t leap forward a nip at somebody. Your dog may act defensively as a means of protecting you and family, but a bite from a well-meaning pet can spell trouble for you later.

Get Your Dog Ready for the Season

Getting all hopped-up over the next hunting season? Your spouse is beginning to complain that you’re spending more time with your well-oiled weapon of choice than you are with the kids. Notice the use of the kids as an excuse and not themselves. God only knows, your significant other has seen enough of your mug during the hot weather months.

Sporting and Your Dog

The comedian Albert Brooks once said, “It’s not necessarily a compliment to call a man lucky.” That kibble of wisdom holds true in the animal world, too. Training your pup to be a monumental sport dog is not a matter of luck.

How to Stop Pit Bull Puppy From Nipping

Pit bulls are one of the cutest dog breeds out there. They are pleasant and amiable pets. However, like all other dogs, they might get a hold on a very annoying habit: nipping. Nipping may seem to some as an insignificant action. However, with time it can get really agitating and harmful especially for kids. It may also cause accidental biting. Nipping may start at an early age and trying to get rid of this habit shouldn’t be postponed. It’s not something the dog grows out of. The owner has to do some effort and take certain measures to get it under control.

Training Your Pit-Bull Puppy: For a Perfect Pet

A pit bull is one of the most popular domestic dogs. They can be really people-oriented and friendly. Some people may think otherwise due to some attack stories they might have seen in the media. The media has misled the public into thinking Pit Bull attacks are of epidemic proportions when in truth, statistics show that for every Pit Bull that kills, there are 10.5 millions that don’t. Plus, the fact that a Pit Ball attacks or not depends more on the owner than on the dog breed itself. So, the owner can train his dog properly to avoid any possible attacks and bad behavior.

Fabulous Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

If you know someone who loves their dog, and I`m sure you do, then they will most likely appreciate being bought a thoughtful gift, either for their dog, or a doggy themed gift for the dog lover themselves. Here are a few suggestions for some fantastic dog themed gifts that they will love, but won`t break the bank.

Great Dane Rescue Group Speaks For Those Without a Voice

Great dogs come with great responsibility, and when it comes to owning a Great Dane the responsibility can be daunting. Great Dane Rescue Leagues around the country, work tirelessly on behalf of these gentle giants, ensuring owners know exactly what they’re promising when they bring a Great Dane home and caring for animals that have been neglected or cast aside. According to published information on league websites, a big problem is people who buy puppies on impulse, without researching the breed first.

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