2 Nutrients You Should ALWAYS Add Together When Raw Feeding Your Pet


Can My Dog Eat Eggs? 5 Human Foods That Are Safe To Share With Your Dog

Many of the foods we eat may not be suitable for sharing with our canine friends but owners are often left wondering which foods are suitable to safely share. Five foods that can safely be shared are shown below along with the benefits of sharing these more typically human food with your dog.

For the Love of a Dog

Have you been considering a family pet? Dogs are terrific answer. If you are searching for a friend who will never let you down, a dog is perfect. You will never have to feel lost or lonely or depressed as love encircles you and your dog views you as 100% wonderful.

Help! My Dog Doesn’t Like Me

Dogs love unconditionally. So how hurtful would it be if your dog didn’t like you? Imagine you have a 5-month old Jack Russel cross who is gentle, friendly and playful to everyone she has met so far… except you. She doesn’t enjoy it when you pet he and doesn’t want to be next to you so you feel like she doesn’t like you. Ouch!

5 Practical Tips to Help Your Overweight Dog!

The obesity epidemic is hitting humans hard, with more than 1/3 of adults in the US and UK clinically overweight or obese. Our pets are quickly following suit. Some experts blame processed commercial dog foods while others place the blame on heavy-handed feeding practices. Food is love, right? Wrong.

House Training a Dog: Indoor and Outdoor Advice

Help! Why isn’t My Dog Potty Trained?

Dog Adoption – The Benefits to You!

Dog Ownership: Breeder or Shelter Dog? You’ve dreamt of owning a dog. It’s only now you are in a position to look after one responsibly. You’ve waited so long, which means you’ve earned the right to be fussy and buy a purebred. Right? Before answering, let’s ask another question.

5 Popular Dog Breeds And Some Health Problems That They Are More Prone To Suffer

The most popular dog breeds each have potential health issues that are common to their breed. Increased knowledge of the predisposed or more common health problems of a breed can sometimes make us more aware and enable us to be more pre-emptive and proactive should a problem occur.

If You Like to Travel With Your Dog

Going for a car trip with your dog can be something exciting for both of you. But for this excitement, there is a need to plan for your dog travel before travel time. Below are dog travel tips comply with for a better trip with your dog

5 Most Common Injuries From a Dog Bite Attack

Injuries from a dog bite attack can be quite severe. In the United States, there are 1,000 people bitten by dogs every day. Dogs can carry rabies and other diseases. If not properly vaccinated they can pass a disease onto you, which can be deadly.

Puppyhood and Behavioural Development

Taking a look at the developmental stages of the domestic dog, from birth to puberty. This is an easy-to-read guide for helping better understand domestic canine development.

Paedomorphism and Behavioural Development in the Domestic Dog

What makes dogs different than wolves? How was it possible to get so many different breeds, such the Chihuahua, Pug or Labrador, from a wolf? The how and why of floppy ears and squished noses.

5 Tips To Know To More Effectively Train Your Dog

Training a dog is very important to the dog’s development and a responsible owner should always seek to show a dog how to behave. Although there are a number of different styles and methods to train a dog it is wise to understand how dogs perceive us and how to get them to understand you more effectively.

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