3 Mistakes That Keep Smart Raw Feeders Stressed


Why Walking Is Healthy For Both You and Your Dog

According to the Canadian Community Health Survey in 2004, walking is the most popular, cheapest, easiest and most convenient ways to stay healthy for adults. Indeed, it is a great way to start your day and get the daily dose of physical activity. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a safe place to walk.

Everything About Dog Heat

Heat is commonly known as the estrous cycle. During this cycle, your pup may become pregnant. It’s equivalent to human menstruation. For small dogs, it’s usually not much and you may need to pay close attention to your puppy to identify her first cycle. Mature female dogs go into heat approximately twice a year, which basically means that they will be on their mating period. Dogs that have been spayed do not undergo estrus.

Does Your Dog Need a Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs?

Your dog also requires supplements that will address certain health issues or to boost his overall health. One of them is a hip and joint supplement for dogs, which is primarily produced to maintain your dog’s hip-joints and connective tissues. However, you may be reluctant to give him some because it might not be suitable for your dog or it might have side effects.

Death of a Dog – How Do You Cope? Part Four of My Own Story

Losing a beloved dog is a very challenging experience. After the last “Good Bye” you are left with feelings of deep pain and loss. How can you deal with the overwhelming feelings of sorrow and pain?

Dogs’ Health and How to Make Their Lives Better

Dogs can be wonderful pets if bred properly. Their health, however, depends on what happens in the beginning of their lives and how they are treated for the remainder of them.

Does Your Dog Need a Chicken Jerky Treat Made in the USA?

As a dog owner, you would want your pet to enjoy something that is not a part of his usual meal. Giving him doggie treats is one good way of doing this, and one these treats is chicken jerky treat made in the USA. The country where the treat is manufactured is emphasized here because of the strict manufacturing policies in the country, ensuring its safety.

Death of a Dog – How Do You Know When the Right Time Has Come? Part Two of My Own Story

The acute suffering of my beautiful Golden Retriever Sebastian started with what appeared to be a normal canine cold. Coughing, sneezing during food intake, salivating quite often gave the impression of tonsillitis or some kind of cough. With the cough he brought up masses of mucus and the food he had eaten hours ago.

Death of a Dog – How Do You Know When the Right Time Has Come? Premolitions and Messages

Many people report that they had “strange feelings” prior to some kind of distressing life event. But could it be that those premolitions are in fact messages we need to understand? Some weeks before I had to have my beloved dog put down I had a very strange dream…

Death of a Dog – How Do You Know When the Right Time Has Come? Part One of My Own Story

Knowing when to let your beloved dog return to the hands of the creator is very difficult. I had to make this decision yesterday, when at his 10th birthday my beloved Golden Retriever Sebastian chose to end his time in his physical body. It was a most extraordinary experience I would like to share with you now.

What Is The Best Pain Relief For Dog Arthritis?

Dog arthritis can be a debilitating condition, and as a dog parent, you would only want to relieve the pain that your pet is going through. The condition can take away the normal life that he used to enjoy, and seeing him sleep throughout the day instead of playing and moving around can really be heart-wrenching. Thus, you would only want to give him the best pain relief for dog arthritis.

The Best Heart Worm Prevention Methods For Dogs

Heart worm is preventable. A mosquito bites your pet and in approximately one to three weeks the larvae from the microscopic baby worms or microfilariae (Dirofilaria immitis/roundworm) that is carried by the infected mosquito, mature into larvae and travel to your pet’s heart where the worms grow within the chambers of the heart and larger blood vessels.

Slicker Brush – Factors Why Brushing Your Dog’s Coat Is Vital

Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis or perhaps every second day is considered the simplest and gratifying pet grooming routines which a pet owner can perform with their doggie. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to do on a daily basis also it can help make your dogs tidy and healthy and even help strengthen your bond with your dog. That said, a whole lot of dog owners take this simple activity for granted.

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