3 Raw Foods You Need To Avoid Feeding Your Pet


How To Stop Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety and Barking When Left Alone

In this article, I’m going help you to understand the reasons why dogs experience separation anxiety and barks when left alone and why the common ways of viewing this problem are incorrect and ineffective. It’s been estimated that as high as 14% of the dog population if affected by separation anxiety and the main reason that people fail to understand this stressful issue of dog behavior is because we try to approach the problem from…

Avoiding The Slowdown In Dogs That Comes With Age

Getting older has its effects on all of us. One of the most common effects is a general slowdown caused by painful joints. Osteoarthritis is a condition that develops in the joints as a result of normal wear and tear.

How to Find a Cool Dog House – Be the Best Parent You Can

This article will help you find the coolest features in a dog house. Your kids will thank you forever.

Bullmastiff Puppies – How to Select the Right One

The Bullmastiff is a perfect cross breeding result of strong and powerful domestic dogs. They possessed strong intelligence skill and can be a worthy choice to protect your home.

The Fundamentals of Caring for a Sick Pet Dog

Is your canine companion suffering from some form of illness? Does he show signs of weakness, loss of appetite, lethargy or quietly whines in pain? Read on to know about how to spot unusual dog behavior that reveals sickness, and how to take care of your four-pawed best friend during this time.

How Does Diet Affect Dogs With Hip Dysplasia?

Dog hip dysplasia is characterized by looseness of the joints, which results to painful wear and tear. Diet affects dogs with hip dysplasia because when a dog is overweight or obese, the excess weight can put more stress on his hip joints.

Successfully Dealing With Joint Pain In Dogs

Caring for an animal is a responsibility that is known to create quite a bit of anxiety among owners. Household pets are comparable to human beings in regard to being reliant on continual preventative and immediate medical care as they age and place their bodies under constant strain over time. Pet owners that are worried about joint pain and arthritis in their dogs should understand the fundamental suggestions for successfully helping their pet through their pain.

Dog Training Tips – Building Exterior Searching For a Smell

Upto this time all exercises have been conducted in an open area, and the transition from one phase to the next was closely related. Now as the dog progresses to exercises involving the exterior of a building, you will find he is confronted with somewhat of an abrupt change. However, this is an extremely good phase of training to prepare the dog for future building interior smell training.

Spic and Span Pet Grooming: Cheap Advantix For Dogs

K9 advantix is a trusted product because it kills ticks- disease- causing organisms that attach themselves to your dog, feeding on its blood. At worst, tick infestation can cause paralysis to your pet, or alarming conditions Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. The advantix medication kills and destroys ticks fast, removing them from your canine’s skin.

Five Myths About Ticks You Should Be Aware Of

Ticks may be small, but they can be very annoying and gross at the same time. They are considered as little monsters that can do harm not only to dogs and cats, but to pet owners as well. Not everything you hear or read about ticks, however, are based on facts.

Chicken Jerky Treats Made in the USA: Adding Variety To Your Dog’s Diet

Chicken jerky treats made in the USA are a healthy and appetizing addition to dogs’ usual diet. They are high in protein and low in fat, gluten-free and safe for dogs to consume.

Healthy Pets Make for Healthier Owners – Importance of Veterinary Medicine for Humans

It is important to keep your pet healthy because it can actually keep you healthier. Regular veterinary exams for your pet will help maintain both you and your pet’s health.

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