5 Big Lies About Raw Feeding Dogs


Dog Stairs for Small Dogs – My Precious Pooch Thinks I’m an Elevator!

Who doesn’t love a little tiny, three pound, ball of fur in her little dog sweater lying there in her cute little small dog bed? Seriously, do these little dogs ever need to put their precious little pads on the ground? Without a set of dog stairs for small dogs, your adorable little pooch comes at a price; read more to find out what it is!

Rewards of Owning and Loving a Dog

Back then, I thought caring a dog was just a “feed and wash” routine. I’ve never expected that owning a dog is one of the most rewarding thing ever.

Nexgard – All Important Facts You Should Know About This Product

From the makers of Frontline Plus, Nexgard is an advanced oral flea and tick treatment for dogs. Find in detail about this highly effective, first beef-flavoured chew for treating the external parasites.

What Is A Service Dog Certification?

For those who are suffering with some form of disability it can be difficult to get around busy intersections or simply anywhere a lot of times. However, having your dog at your side can be very helpful. They can tell your when to start walking, when to stop walking and what direction to walk in all together. This involves a lot of training and silent communication between the dog and the owner. A lot of times it takes a lot of training for a dog to be fully trained in order to get a service dog certification.

Train Your Dog To Stop Biting At The Leash

There can be a number of different reasons why a dog will bite on his or her leash. Most of those reasons are because the dog is either resisting you and your control or simply wanting to play. No matter which, it is annoying and must be stopped if you want to train your dog to walk nicely on leash.

Problems Associated With Food Training Methods

There are many techniques that can be applied to training a dog. Very often, you will find a person who treats his or her dog as a part of the family. It therefore becomes important to make sure that a dog is well trained to be obedient as well as disciplined to make sure one can live with the dog. Untrained dogs do not make great pets. However, different dogs require different training. This means the training you give to your dog will be determined by the tasks you want your dog to perform.

How To Assist Your Deaf Dog

As your dog gets older, chances of it losing it’s hearing is very high. This will affect you, but the dog will also be devastated since it cannot understand what is going on. This makes it difficult for your pet to function normally.

What To Look For In A Good Dog Sitter

There’s no question that your dog is your best friend, so when you are looking for someone to take care of him or her in your absence you naturally want someone sensible, trustworthy and knowledgeable of dogs. It is very unfortunate that animal care services often attract people who should have nothing to do with animals. For this reason, you must be very careful when selecting someone to spend time alone with your canine family member.

Is It Safe To Give Your Dogs A Bone?

The image of a dog with its bone is one of those classic images in media. You see it in all manner of television shows, cartoons, and paintings. Many people like to keep bones aside for their dogs for this purpose. It gives a dog something to chew on, and it allows them to enjoy the taste of any meat still connected to the bone.

Five Ways To Keep Your Older Dog In Good Health

You love your dog and naturally want him to be healthy and carefree in his golden years, just as he’s always been. To make sure of this, follow these five tips: A High Quality Diet – Your senior dog needs a good food that’s high in nutrients, but likely lower in calories. Unless your older dog is very active, ask your vet about a food suitable for senior dogs who may not be as rambunctious as they once were.

Crate Training For Older Dogs

Crate training is often associated with puppies and younger dogs; however, it is possible to crate train a canine at any age. This type of training is generally utilized as a means of ‘house breaking’ the animal and teaching the dog how to behave appropriately in the home. A controversial topic, crate training has been considered as a cruel practice by some unknowledgeable dog owners; however, if the training is done properly crate training can be highly beneficial to both the pet and pet owner.

Controlling Dog Obesity

Many people love and cherish their dogs, and we all know that dogs love to eat. It is common for dog owners to reward their dog with treats in the form of food. This is the main reason most dogs today are considered to be overweight. An overweight dog can be defined as a dog whose weight is 15% higher than what is considered optimal for that specific breed’s weight. If you look around at people’s dogs today, you will not be surprised to find out that most of them are probably obese.

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