5 Puppy House Training Tips EVERY Dog Owner Needs


Adopt Mini Australian Shepherds

While most people would hesitate due to some known issues, you can benefit a lot by choosing mini Australian Shepherds from animal shelters. The drawbacks can be eliminated if the important factors are considered.

Important Considerations When Buying Mini Australian Shepherds

A lot of people are aware how amazing Aussies are especially their miniature counterparts. These dogs are known to have high levels of intelligence compared to ordinary dogs. You can therefore expect good results with the trainings that you will apply.

Sarcoptic Mange – Just How Does It Affect Your Dog Or Puppy?

Sarcoptic mange is also known as canine scabies and can affect dogs and some other mammals including humans. A relatively easy infection to manage, it is caused by a microscopic parasite which burrows into the skin causing intense itching and skin eruptions. Often misdiagnosed as an allergy, we provide some insight into the causes, effects and management of this unsightly infection.

Trained German Shepherds for Family Protection

You cannot put a price on the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones are safe. German Shepherd training will give your animal the right skills and response methods to ensure that your property…

How To Make Your Own Simple Dog Toys

Easy to make, using everyday objects to create some great homemade dog toys. Rather than constantly purchasing new toys – try some homemade dog toys that will keep their minds occupied.

How to Make Your Own Simple Dog Treats

Owning a dog can be expensive, what with food, toys, insurance, vet bills, buying new trainers after your dog ate your last pair etc. So why not save a little money buy making your own dog treats, its simple, we give you 3 fantastic recipes your dog will love!

Dog Trainer Quotes

There are many famous dog trainer quotes that confirms that your pet loves you unconditionally. Dogs are great listeners, play mates and when feeling down are wonderful comforters. Treat your dog with the respect it deserves and it will give back more love than any dog owner will ever need.

Choosing The Right Person To Train Your Dog

If you are considering getting your dog into training classes then it is important that you find the right dog trainer. Whether you are looking for one to one training or group classes, you will want to be certain that the trainer you ultimately choose is a good fit for you and your dog. Training is a great way for you to bond with a new pet while teaching him to act appropriately. In order to find the trainer who will help you to achieve your goal you must not be afraid to ask questions, in fact you should treat it like interviewing an employee – after all your dog trainer should be working for you.

How The Australian Labradoodle Was Born

The Labradoodle is a special, stand-alone breed that combines the best traits of the labrador retriever (like temperament and loyalty) with the low-allergy, non-shedding coat of the poodle. The original aim of creating these gorgeous dogs in the eighties was to provide a solution for people who needed the services of a guide dog but were allergic to the Labrador’s naturally shedding coat. The first Labradoodle was born when Australian breeder Wally Conron decided to cross the two breeds for Guide Dogs Victoria to come up with the breed known and loved today.

Forgiveness and Goodwill Were Not My Dog’s Style

I once was driving to our neighboring town when I saw, “The heaviest burden to carry is a grudge.” Regarding my dog Daniel, his back was so strong from carrying grudges that the Greek god Atlas would have been chartreuse with envy!

19Breeders Review

Having a dog is a joy in its own way. Imagine the joy when they give litters or are about to do so. However, there are times when there are many of them and managing them can be a chore.

Owning a Dachshund

Dachshunds are a very popular breed in the United States. They come in longhaired, smooth and wirehaired varieties. Dachshunds are lovable, playful and smart as well as great companions but, they are not for everyone. Dachshunds are energetic and like to dig and bark this comes from their hunting heritage. They are very protective when they feel their loved ones are threatened.

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