5 Things You Need Before Raw Feeding Your Pet


How to Simplify Dog Crate Training

Dog owners usually get frustrated quickly with housetraining a dog until they understand how to incorporate two simple concepts. These are building a routine and then repeating the routine until it becomes a habit.

What Can A Dog Trainer Do For Your Dog?

If you have a dog, regardless of whether you’ve had it for quite some time or if it is a new addition to your family, there’s no doubt that you want it to be as happy and well balanced as possible. You likely have researched the type of food that you are feeding your dog and you make sure that he gets to the veterinarian, if any health issue should arrive.

Puppies For Sale – The Best Ways To Get A Puppy

Children and adults alike are excited about owning a new pet. However, there are things to be considered when buying puppies for sale. You need to choose whether or not to buy from the internet, pet shop or from the neighborhood.

Tips to Protect Your Dog While Exercising in the Summer Heat!

With the Ten for Texas Woodlands run right around the corner, I have begun training for the race by running in the mornings with my pups. My bird dogs were definitely built to move, but the Texas heat can make running outdoors a not-so-fun adventure. So, what are some ways to protect my four legged friends from this heat?

How To Cut Your Dog’s Nails

If you have ever shuttered at the thought of cutting your dogs nails, shutter no more. In this article, you will learn about all the tools you will need and a very easy and painless way to complete this task.

What Are the Different Breeds of Dogs?

There are different kinds and breeds of dogs out there. If you want to buy puppies for sale, you need to get familiar with the different breeds in order to identify which one you need or you can manage.

Tips to Choose the Best Food for Your Dog

If you have pets at home you do understand how important it is to feed them the right food. Your cats and dogs are just like humans. They either love some food or hate it. And of course, we love our pets and do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and happy. Food for pets isn’t like food for us. On the other hand, it should not only be tasty but also nutritious. Anyway, choosing dog food can be a daunting task unless you are a veterinary expert. So, down the page are tips to decide on the best dog food.

Beneficial Bacteria for Dogs Is Looking Promising

There are tons of dogs foods on the market claiming to contain beneficial bacteria. Yet, you may wonder how helpful they really are for your pet’s health. The latest research suggests some benefits.

Is Your Lack Of Leadership Stressing Your Dog?

Humans tend to project human behaviors and feelings on their dogs. We seem to do this in spite of their canine nature, and the way dogs truly see their world. In this article, my goal is to challenge you to see your daily interaction with your pet from a different perspective; an alpha male or pack-leader perspective.

How Dog Grooming Courses Will Help You Work With Animals

If you dream of a career working with animals, becoming a dog groomer might be perfect. Find out about what’s involved with dog grooming courses, and fast-track your route into a job you love.

How to Prepare Your Dog for a Visit to the Veterinarian

Visiting the vet for the first time can be a scary and daunting thing for your dog or pup. They have no idea what it means to go to a vet, so they may become fearful of going somewhere they have never been.

Why Does My Dog’s Vomit Smell Like Poop?

This problem is more common, but not always limited to puppies. Should it happen with your pet, seek emergency veterinary help as soon as possible! It is life threatening!

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