5 Types of Rottweilers From Around the World


How to Avoid Small Dog Syndrome

Small dog syndrome can be seen as a case of mistaken identity, in some ways. It comes about because the small dog has been made to feel like he is the pack leader of the house, instead of the owner, and then presents itself through displays of dominance. Here we will look at the difference between small and big dogs, what leads to small dog syndrome, and how we can avoid it.

Crate Training a Golden Retriever

The steps followed for crate training a Golden Retriever are similar to those for other breeds of dogs. Fortunately, Golden Retrievers are more receptive to crate training than other breeds.

Top Ten Reasons You May Not Be A Good Dog Breeder

With an overabundance of unwanted pets there should be tremendous thought that goes into dog breeding. Many times people say one thing and then do another. This is a tongue in cheek list of crazy things people say or do to justify their actions and my guess is you will know people who do these.

Teach Your Dog To Lie Down On Command

Teaching simple obedience commands to your pet is something that all owners should do, as not only will this result in your pet living like a civilized member of your family but it also gives you the opportunity to learn a little about how they think, along with the added bonus of spending some quality time with him/her. Believe it or not your beloved puppy wants to please you and if you show it how to do just that, then you can avoid the frustrations that go along with an ill-mannered pet.

Ways to Treat Constipated Dogs

If your dog’s diet is lacking in moisture and fiber they will more than likely develop constipation at some point. Discover simple ways to avoid this common problem.

10 Things That Bother Me About Other Dog Owners And People I Know

“My dog is perfect, but…” But what? He pees in my bed; She chews everything in the house; She doesn’t like my family; He’ll only eats fresh chicken with a pinch of spice… Last I checked, perfection meant no flaws. You can’t say I did a perfect job, except I made a mistake or two or ten…

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