7 Common Issues In rescue Dogs And How You Can Help


Dog Toys Are Really Important for Your Dog or Not?

Dogs are very similar to the kids as they require a continuous source of entertainment, otherwise they will feel annoyed or bored. Your feline friend really likes attention and playtime on the constant basis.

How to Travel Safely With Your Pet in Hot Weather

If you’re planning to travel with your pet this summer, you’re probably familiar with the precautions regarding vehicle safety (never leave your pet in a closed car on a sunny day, or even with windows cracked). That may seem like a no-brainer, but think it through before your departure. What will you do, for instance, when you want to pull off and eat at a restaurant?

Chesapeake Bay Retriever – The Best Dog Ever?

I have been lucky enough to accidentally rescue a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Ginger. I say accidentally because Ginger was given to me by a stranger who could not care for her.

The Rescue Dog

Every one knows that man’s best friend is not only his faithful companion who loves and accepts him when no one else will, but they also rescue him from danger and even death. St. Bernards are the most famous of rescue dogs, but all breeds have contributed to saving lives. Do you know how the St. Bernard began rescuing snow bound travelers?

Life With the Perfect Companion

Choosing a new dog is like making a marriage commitment. But when you find the perfect companion, it is always too short.

Time to Say “No” to Restrictive or Abusive Methods of Dog Rearing

Put in a nutshell, teach your new dog the rules of your home slowly and be patient while he learns at his own pace. Give him your affection, care and time and you have got a companion for lifetime in your new canine friend!

How to Make Your Puppy Stop Digging

Believe it or not, it’s possible to own a puppy and have a nice yard. There are many reasons why a puppy might dig. Learn your puppy’s reason and solution for it.

Pet Fun: Anti Flea Home-Made Recipes and Grooming!

Here, I have some special anti-flea and tick recipes for you that can come in quite a bit of handy! 1) Flea Shampoo Needed: -2 cups of Distilled Water -Pot and lid -Stove -1 ½ Tbsp Dried Soap wort -Eyedropper -2 Jars -Lavender Essential Oils Directions Place your pot on the stove, and fill with the 2 cups of distilled water. Set to boil.

Ridding Of Fleas: The First Steps

A great in depth guide into some amazing flea and tick repellents for your pets. No store brand product promotion here. These are recipes you will make and this article tells you!

Dog Multivitamins Address Quality of Life More Than Ever

Pet owners are actively seeking better care for their animals, especially dogs, and are looking for daily multivitamins and supplements. Products that can reduce common ailments and aid in vitality, similar to human vitamin supplements are important for the health of pets. Some pet supplements for problems like joint health also contain vitamin supplement properties.

How To Have A Dog Friendly Holiday

Summer’s nearly here and our thoughts are turning to getting away from the humdrum of everyday life, away to balmy sunny days, and a break from our usual routine. If you are wanting to take your dog away on holiday with you, then here are a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable for all of you.

Natural Cures for Kennel Cough in Dogs – 3 Natural Herbs

Kennel cough is like the common cold for dogs and should not warrant excessive worry or concern. Doctors will often prescribe drugs or medication for your pet who is just having a mild case of this. In looking for a natural solution, pet owners can use the following three natural herbs as a course of treatment. They are easy to obtain and do not harm your dog’s body. In fact, some people use these natural ingredients to cure themselves from the flu without taking medication.

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