7 Fun Facts About Siberian Huskies You May Not Know


Buying Maltese for Sale: A Great Choice in the Long Run

Keeping dogs or puppies at home has become very popular trend nowadays. Plenty of people are opting for different puppies for their homes. Maltese is certainly one of the most popular puppy choices today, thanks to its friendly and lovable nature.

What Are The Benefits Of Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs?

Chicken jerky treats for dogs are high in protein and low in fat. That is why they are a good source of dogs’ daily protein requirement.

What Do You Know About Dog Dementia?

The simple mention of dementia normally causes a negative reaction in everyone who hears it, typically fear. Why? Because we know it is something we cannot “cure” and that is a trigger for elevated stress in those around the person or dog suffering it. Did I say dogs with dementia?

Dog Training And Teaching Commands

For a successful owner of a dog it is very important to understand that the dog training methods used in training a dog can vary due to numerous factors. It is important to adapt and achieve a positive outcome. Commands Total control is the groundwork on which all succeeding training is based.

Cushing’s Canine Syndrome: Something to Be Careful About

When my beautiful Siberian Husky was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, I never thought it would be the cause of my losing her, in spite of all the attention and care I provided. I had taken her to the clinic I normally went to because of a very unexpected convulsion and the veterinarian who saw her that day told me she had a tumor in the adrenal glands and should be kept under observation, but nothing else. That was the beginning of the end.

Dog Training: Potty Time

Potty training is an absolutely necessary process that every dog owner encounters after bringing a new pup into their home. Teaching your puppy not to urinate or defecate in the house is fairly simple if the proper steps are taken. With patience, consistency, and the right routine, you can help your dog learn to do their “business” outside of your home.

Never Brag on Your Dog!

Many dogs are stolen each year from their loving owners and are sold to puppy mills, where they suffer horrific abuse and neglect. This simple tip can save your dog’s life!

Panosteitis in the Basset Hound

Panosteitis is an ailment occasionally seen in the basset hound breed. It is also known as wandering or transient lameness. It is a bone disease that is characterized by bone proliferation and remodeling. The ailment is associated with many large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes and Doberman Pinschers.

How To Take Care of Your Dog’s Hip and Joints

Dogs are prone to developing hip and joint conditions. There are certain measures that dog parents should take to prevent them from developing these conditions. These include allowing their dogs to have proper exercise, giving their dogs a healthy and balanced diet, and giving their dogs a hip and joint supplements for dogs.

Crippled Dachshund – Western Medicine or Natural Approach?

One of the hardest things to deal with is having a dog that suddenly becomes crippled. My dog is so young, 4 years old. He was supposed to live until 14 yrs of age.

My Best Friend

There is an old saying that a dog is man’s best friend. After I met Patch, I understood what that meant.

Common Sense Tips On Caring For Your Large Dog Breed

Make no mistake about it, bringing a new dog home is a big deal–especially when you are bringing home a large dog breed. It takes sound knowledge and common sense to raise a care for a dog. Read this article for a few common sense tips on how to care for your pet.

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