7 Reasons People Prefer The German Shepherd Over Other Dogs


Implementing A Safe Joint Health Program For Canines

Caring for an animal is a process that owners usually take quite seriously at various stages of their lives. Most pets are reliant on preventative and immediate based care in the same manner as their humans and can often include the need to focus on specific conditions and well being issues that could be faced throughout the aging process. Owners that are worried about this wellness concern should know how to implement an effective joint health program for their canine.

How Can I Find a Drug Dog to Search My Home?

Considering the amount of drug use that occurs among kids today, many parents are concerned about keeping their children drug-free. One effective approach is to have a drug dog search your home. But, where can parents find a drug dog?

Handling Multiple Dogs In Your Home

If you have problems dealing with one dog in your home, imagine what it’s like coping with two or even three dogs and trying to keep things running smoothly. It can be hard to cope with multiple dogs at times and in some cases it can result in dogs fighting for dominance. If you have more than one dog, your dogs may not always like each other in the beginning. However, with care, you should be able to manage all of the dogs with some effort. The key point is for you to maintain control of your household and not to allow any of your dogs to take control from you.

Playing Games With Your Dog

Playing games with your dog can provide great benefits for both you and your dogs. Unfortunately, many people don’t spend nearly enough time playing with their dogs each day. They miss out on the fun of playing games with their dog and don’t realize how relaxing and enjoyable it can be.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

I hate to throw this at you know before we have even had time to enjoy our turkey dinner. However, whether we like it or not, the big shopping days are right around the corner. Thanksgiving, or black Friday for some, kicks off some of the biggest shopping days of the season. For dog lovers, I want to share some Christmas gift ideas.

Dogs With Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

If you ask most people they would probably tell you that dogs don’t have the same kind of psychological problems that people have. However, if you’ve ever encountered a dog who obsesses about every small thing they see or do, then you probably know that dog can suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder just as humans can. What’s important is how you treat your dog’s compulsions and what your dog learns to expect at home.

Is Your Dog Overly Excited About Guests?

It’s not the worst thing that can happen, your dog gets extremely excited when you have people over for a visit. Lots of people take that attitude and they let their dog’s behavior continue. They even let their guests encourage the behavior by giving the dog attention when he’s so excited.

Are Your Dog’s Chicken Treats Made in the USA?

It seems like every so often there are multiple recalls for chicken jerky dog treats. In most cases the treats use chicken from China. Multiple companies use the same source of chicken for their treats, so it’s not surprising that the recalls will often involve several brands. Good quality dog treats made with chicken raised in the USA with antibiotics or added hormones do exist.

Helping Your Dog Use His Brain

One of the most frequent things dog owners complain about is that their dogs don’t stay busy enough. Yes dogs can become destructive when they are bored, and that leads to angry dog owners. You can avoid this problem if you will simply spend time helping your dog use his brain. Here are some tips to help keep your dog busy and happy, and to prevent him from destroying your house.

Dog Agility Training Equipment

Dog Agility is one of the most thrilling, exciting and competitive sports for dogs. It is basically a fun sport in which you as a handler navigate your dog through a number of obstacles in a race course. Some people take dog agility training for fun.

Tips for Handling Dog Aggression

No one wants to have an aggressive dog in their home. You can’t allow an aggressive dog to take over your house, especially when you know you should be the leader of your pack. As soon as you see signs of any aggressive behavior in your dog, use the following tips to stop it.

Do Storms Scare Your Dog?

I saw on the news that we have some severe storms in the forecast here in the Nashville area. I thought an article about dogs that are afraid of storms might be good for this week’s article.

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