7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Shih Tzu Dog Breed


How Does a Pack Work Out Who’s Alpha, and What Are Your Responsibilities?

In the wild, a wolf pack would typically have an alpha male and female. Who becomes the alpha in a pack of domestic dogs? For safety and practical reasons, it should be the humans. We’ll show you what you need to do in order to assert your role as alpha.

Can Dogs Be Jealous of Other Dogs in the House? What to Do About It

Jealousy is not just for humans! Dogs also feel jealous of other dogs, so it’s important for you to recognize when that is happening. Also, we’ll give you some training methods to use with your dogs so that non-jealousy is actually rewarded.

The Top Styles of Dog Clothes

Seeing a dog dressed in fashionable clothes is an all too common occurrence now. You can walk to practically any dog park around any major city and see small dogs dressed in everything from dresses to hoodies. If you’re interested in dressing your dog in clothes, you should read these style tips I’m about to give you.

Why Dog Clothes Are Important

When most people think of dog clothes, they think of cute Chihuahuas wearing adorable and stylish dresses or outfits. While dog clothes do offer style and attractiveness, they are also important for a number of other reasons. Here, we’ll take a look at some of those reasons and reveal when dog clothes are absolutely necessary.

How Much Exercise Do Dogs Really Need?

How much exercise does your dog really need? One part of the answer has to do with the breed of dog, but keep in mind that too much exercise can do damage to his bones and joints. We’ll give you some suggestions based on breed examples, and also how to know when he’s done exercising for the day.

Jumping Up to Say Hello

When dogs say hello to each other, they do so face to face (the nose-to-butt thing is another topic for another day). Face to face is the accepted etiquette between dogs, so they lovingly offer the same niceties to you. But when your otherwise well-behaved dog doesn’t seem to understand that such a greeting isn’t good manners in the human world, how do you correct the behavior?

The German Shepard – A Great Addition to Any Family

What’s not to love about the German Shepherd? As far as dog breeds go, the German Shepherd is known for its courageousness as well as being fearless protector. A loyal and devoted companion, as well as a trainable and super intelligent competition dog.

Camping With Dogs: What’s Needed?

If you’re thinking about going camping with your dog, there is a checklist of things you’ll need to consider and also bring with you on the trip! We’ll review all the details with you, including the right campsite location, vet visits, shots, food, and leashes.

Teaching Your Dog The Heel Command

The “Heel Command” is loose leash walking with added limits to your dog’s position. The dog must stay within a foot or two of your left knee and sit automatically when you stop walking.

My Dog Drools Too Much – Is That Normal?

Although there are certain types of breeds that drool a lot, for example, boxers, pit bulls, basset hounds and so on, excessive drooling in other breeds can be caused by a variety of things. Read further to learn more.

How to Properly Diagnose and Treat Dog Ear Infections

Ear infections are just one of the common types of sicknesses that dogs have. This problem is common among puppies; however older dogs can also get infected when it’s transmitted from the puppies, or dogs that carry them.

How to De-Stress Your Dog – Useful Tips to Keep Your Pooch Happy

Dog lovers are aware of the fact that their furry friends can sometimes get as stressed as human beings. If you have begun to notice certain behavioral issues with your beloved pet then you should find out how to de-stress your dog. Remember that your pet cannot really day anything about what is troubling it.

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