7 Truffle Hunting Dog Breeds That Will Sniff Out Edible Gold


What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

Separation Anxiety is a very serious problem for you and your dog! This article is intended to help you recognize if your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety Disorder and offer some tips on how to deal with it.

Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

What you feed your pet determines its longevity and health. That is why it is important to pay heed to what you are feeding to them; a slight mistake in feeding can cause severe health problems and can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, serious health issues or even death.

Training A Dachshund

Dachshunds are short-legged, long-bodied dogs belonging to the hound family. Owing to their long narrow build, they are often called sausage dogs. They are clever, lively and courageous with all their senses well-developed.

When You Own Two Dogs?

It is not a bad idea to get another puppy as a companion for your dog but this is indeed a challenging task. Some multi-dog owners feel that their life is complete and much more interesting whereas some just pull their hair and get frustrated on the simplest of things.

A Dog’s Nose

Have you ever wondered what makes a dog’s nose so powerful? Dogs are able to look for lost children, find drugs at an airport, and solve crimes based on scent alone. We’ll explain how they do it!

How Do I Teach My Dog to Come and Stay?

Getting your dog to sit, stay, and come are all really important skills. Just think if your dog got free on a main intersection with cars coming from every direction, and how important that training skill would be. We’ll give you advice on how to properly train your dog.

Do You Think I Should Get a Dog?

Are you debating on whether or not you should get a dog? Of course the answer is yes, especially since it has been proven that a dog will help you live longer, can make you healthier, and is an excellent companion throughout life!

Introducing a New Dog to a Resident Dog

Introducing a new dog to the family can be hard. This is especially true when a resident dog already lives in the home. This is why it is very important to introduce your new dog properly and follow strict guidelines to make them part of the pack.

How Do You Stop Dogs From Digging?

Dogs who dig are a common problem among any breed. There are numerous reasons behind this unwanted behavior. There are also great ways to curb your dog’s habit and finally make them stop.

A Pug’s Life

This article is all about pugs and what amazing pets they are. They are great companions, good with kids, have a super personality, and will only want to please and love you unconditionally.

Dogs and Food Aggression

Food aggression is a serious issue with dogs. There are times when a dog becomes very aggressive and may even harm a person who goes near their food. This is not an ideal situation, especially for those with young children. Learn how to correct this behavior and turn your aggressive dog into a friendly one.

How to Calm a Dog

Dogs are little bundles of joy, but they get excited too easily sometimes. Knowing why a dog becomes excited will help owners learn the correct way to calm their dog down. This is a vital step to training any dog.

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