AGGRESSIVE CANE CORSO Must Be Stopped Attacking Other Dogs and People!


Symptoms and Treatment of English Springer Rage Syndrome

English Springer Rage Syndrome, also called Sudden Onset Aggression or Avalanche of Rage Syndrome, is a rare type of behavioral issue that’s known to affect certain breeds of the English Springer Spaniel, and Cocker Spaniel. The Rage Syndrome causes the dog to act out violently, without any type of warning to its owner, making it a very serious problem. This article discusses some of the symptoms and potential treatments for the disease.

How To Take The Best Care Of Your Dog In The Summertime

The dog days of summer are so called because these are the days when dogs like to lie around in the shade not doing much of anything. These days we tend to interpret this to mean that it’s a great time to get out and do active things with your dog. Many towns and cities hold festivals in honor of these dog days. Doubtless many dogs feel rather disgruntled (or worse) when required to attend.

Protect Your Dog From Hidden Poisons

Not all dangers are as obvious as a scorpion sting. Here are some household dangers to protect your pet from…

How To Train Your Dog In Just 15 Minutes A Day

I really think that most new dog owners want a nicely trained dog however they fail to train their dog because they feel that it will be too time intensive. That could not be farther from the truth. In fact I teach people that if you will simply work with your dog for only 15 minutes a day you can have a well trained dog that you can be very proud of.

How To Make Sure Your Dog Has A Long And Happy Life

If you have had your dog since puppyhood and he is now old and gray, clearly you have been doing something right. The most important thing to remember about keeping a dog healthy, happy and comfortable in old age is that he should have been kept healthy, happy and active in youth.

Stop My Dog From Chew Everything

This is really easy to do so let’s get started. Chewing starts early and if you allow it to happen as a puppy it will continue into adulthood. This article will tell you how to keep it from happening if you have a puppy and also how to stop this bad habit if you have an adult dog.

Dog Beds and Car Seats Keep The Pooch Safe And Cozy

Owning a dog consists of more than just loving and feeding it. It needs supplies and products that help maintain its health and safety. Dog car seats and beds are a prime example of additional things your pet will need.

What You Need To Know About The Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is a great dog that was developed in the United kingdom. The dog stands at only 51 cm and weighs 39 kilograms. He comes in predominantly only one color where the color can be white or brown. It’s only in rare cases when you will find him in more than one color.

Backyard Dangers: What Dog Owners Should Be Aware Of

Every pet owner wants to make sure that their yard is a safe place for their pet to play. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of danger that lurk in backyards. It’s important for dog owners to be aware of these so that they can keep their pet protected.

Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety When Traveling By Plane

There may come a time when you feel you have little alternative than to ship a dog by plane. Perhaps you are a breeder, or have just purchased a dog from a breeder in another state. Perhaps you are making a long-distance or even overseas move. Whatever your reason, the prospect of sending your dog by plane has raised some very legitimate concerns.

10 Things To Consider When Travelling With Your Dog

If you’re not very well prepared and organized travelling with your dog can be stressful, and even dangerous. Here are 10 tips for travelling with your dog. If you take the time to consider each of these ahead of the trip, you’ll find you will enjoy a much smoother, stress-free journey.

Does Your Dog Ever Embarrass You?

Even the happiest of dog owners are occasionally embarrassed by their pets. Dogs don’t have the sense of shame that people do, and that can lead to some very frustrating behavior. Whether a dog is jumping on guests or humping legs, these habits can be hard to deal with.

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