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Early Puppy Socialization Skills – Learn What to Teach Your Puppy

First time dog owners often overlook the necessity of teaching their new puppy how to socialize. The delight and excitement of adopting a new puppy can override the necessity for a young puppy to learn how to interact with those around him; consequently the days turn into weeks and suddenly there is realization that this little bundle of joy is now causing havoc. He’s getting his own way and is ignoring pleas from all concerned to “stop doing that”, or “go away; I’m busy”. Well, whose fault is this; who is responsible for this chaos? Certainly it is not puppy’s fault as he has been left to do as he wishes, and of course he won’t respond to ‘calls to stop’ as he doesn’t understand what is being said to him. All of a sudden life isn’t what it used to be, and puppy is confused. Don’t let this happen to your puppy; see to it that you train him well right from the start. The novelty of having a new puppy in your home will wear off as that is a natural turn of events, but, along with that fact, puppy should grow more special day by day.

Fast Friends – Greyhounds Are Dogs for Adoption

Many people are surprised to learn that retired racing greyhounds are available for adoption and that they make excellent family pets. Discover some basic information about this ancient breed — what makes them good companions and how to adopt one of these “45 m.p.h. couch potatoes.”

Why You Need To Pick Up And Dispose Of Your Dog’s Waste

Whether you have a backyard where your dog potties or you walk your dog, picking up and disposing of your dog’s waste is not just the polite thing to do, it’s also good sanitation. There are a number of reasons why you should pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste.

How Do Dogs Get Mange? – Two Common Kinds

There are two kinds of dog mange that usually infect our pets and sometimes with horrifying results. The more likely infestation will be by a mite called red mange and is not contagious to humans but difficult to cure. If your dog has scabies then be very aware that these crab like parasites can also infect you by burrowing under the skin. Only a vet, who by doing scrapings, can diagnose which mite is causing your dogs skin problems. Treatment can take a very long time if the wrong diagnosis is made. For better results make sure your pet is in tip top health.

Mange, Mites And Parasites – Natural And Chemical Treatments

Dogs that contract mange need your love and affection more than ever. Do not hesitate to visit a vet for an expert diagnosis that will ascertain what treatment is required to stop the tormenting itchiness the dog is suffering. There are chemical and natural solutions and depending on the dogs skin condition as well as its state of health the right treatment can now be applied. These rampant mites can change any beautiful coated dog into a mangy mess very quickly.

Winter Exercise for You and Your Dog

If your dog doesn’t spend enough time out and about the pent up energy can make home life very uncomfortable. Here are three quick tips for getting your dogs exercised in fun and thoughtful ways over the winter, and hopefully get them tired out before you bring them back in for warmth.

Are You A Dog Lover? Yes, I Am!

Are you a dog lover? Dogs create friendship to their owners. Dog lovers show proper care. Remember dogs are like human. They need to have exercise and physical activities.

Dog Allergies – Here Is My Own Story

Sadly allergies are on the rise in dogs as well as in humans. But how do you know if your pooch is allergic to something? Sometimes things maybe going on for a long time before you come to the right results as my own story vividly illustrates.

Testicular Cancer In Dogs – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Cancer is on the rise in the overall dog population just as it is in humans. Is this a strange coincidence or due to some common factors? Can we do anything at all to help and protect our canine friends from this life threatening condition?

Treats for Pitbull Puppies – Are They A Good Idea?

If you own a pitbull puppy, you would be aware of the fact that this is an extremely adorable dog breed. Contrary to popular beliefs, pitbulls are extremely loving and robust dogs that are keen to play and to learn. This is the reason that several people are now looking for pitbull puppies for sale.

Aggression in Pitbulls – What Causes It?

If you are looking for baby pitbulls for sale, you have probably done your research. As a result of this, you must have come across several comments on the nature of pitbull puppies. While doing your research certainly is important, you need to remember that several ‘facts’ about these dogs are actually myths.

Collecting Dogs

How does one know (trainers: this question is specifically directed to you… ) when adding one more dog is really not such a great idea because you already have “x” number of dogs? Or you do not have the time to train and properly care for them? Or the money to take care of all the medical needs that sure enough will arise at some point in the life of the pup?

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