American Akita Inu Dog Breed; 10 Interesting Facts


How to Train Your Dog to Listen to You

How to train your dog to do anything requires some basic commands. Learn how to train your dog to listen to you with these 2 basic commands. Once you’ve mastered the basic commands, you’ll be able to teach your dog to listen to and respond to more advanced commands.

How Does A Hip And Joint Supplement Work As A Pain Relief For Dog Arthritis?

The common diseases that affect dogs are related to their joints and connective tissues. One of these diseases is dog arthritis, which is characterized by inflammation of the joints. Reportedly, one in five adult dogs in the U.

New Dog Owner Guidelines On How To Proper Care For Your Dog

A lot of home owners own pets as a way to have something to puddle and love. Having a pet can also help de-stress yourself since they will play with you and listen to your stories although they don’t reply you know that they are listening. For the love you show them they also show their loyalty to you that can never change unlike humans.

Dog Training – Building The Drive to Fetch

How to teach your dog to fetch. Building a drive to fetch for a dog that has no interest.

Are Huskies Good Pets?

There are just so many breeds of dogs out there! Big ones, small ones, lazy ones, energetic ones, smart ones dumb ones and even funny ones with personality to burn! The key is in matching up the right dog with the right person or family. A Siberian Husky has some amazing attributes however they do need the right type of owner.

Are Your Dog Treats Recalled?

Dog lovers like to show their pampered dog’s affection and one of the many ways is by feeding treats. It makes you feel good and your dog loves it too. You give treats for rewards or just because you love them. Be aware and read the labels. Only feed healthy treats for dogs, not treats that are made with cheap ingredients and are fat laden.

Things To Avoid When Choosing Doggie Treats

Doggie treats serve several purposes. They can be used as rewards during training, or they can be used as alternative snacks for dogs. However, not all of them are created equal.

Senior Dog Care

We all get older and slower. Humans and canines alike eventually show signs of aging. These signs can be visible like greying hair or even just the fact that you realize your dog is sleeping more often.

3 Reasons Dog Diets Are Important

There are millions of dog lovers who want their pampered dogs living long and healthy lives. Dogs are an important part of the family. They give unconditional love and bring a great deal of joy to dog parents who are willing to be patient and work with them. Owning well behaved dogs requires work, but the pay-off is definitely worth it.

Why Are Puppies So Irresistible?

Puppies are irresistibly cute but the cuteness dissipates quickly without sufficient puppy training. Before buying a puppy research what you need to know to be a responsible puppy owner who trains a cute puppy into a forever wonderful dog!

Potty Training a Puppy: Unexpected Rewards

Potty training a puppy isn’t often portrayed as a pleasant experience. But it turned out to be quite a rewarding experience for me when I potty trained my then four-month-old Golden Retriever, Simona. To be perfectly honest, the puppy didn’t become my dog under the best of circumstances.

Dog Training Tips – Have a Well Trained, Well Behaved Dog

Having a dog that is not trained is among the most annoying things that a household can have. They are not only annoying to the family but to everyone that comes to visit. In this article, I am going to speak about a few of the things you can do that will give you a dog anyone can enjoy being around. A well behaved, well trained dog.

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