American Akita – Top 10 Facts

Groomers Are Expensive – Train Your Dog For Grooming

All dogs need several areas of grooming maintenance. The degree of grooming needed depends on the breed of the dog, mostly because of their coats. The basic grooming needs are:

Why In Ground Fences Are So Effective?

As pet owners, you don’t have to be told the pleasures that come with owning a pet. It is very rewarding but may also become problematic. Especially when they decide to escape their yard, it seems that nothing will deter dogs from jumping or digging. This is followed by them wandering through the neighborhood. Many of your neighbors may be understanding but it may also cause distress to many others and this is potentially a serious problem. The most effective way to prevent this type of occurrence is in ground fencing. This solution provides the owner with a peace of mind and the pet with more freedom using an electric fence.

Pocket Discs, A Dog’s Favorite Flying Toy

If you have ever been to a dog park or to the beach, chances are you have seen several dogs playing fetch with their owners. Using anything from plastic saucers to tennis balls, or a plain old stick, it doesn’t ever seem like the dog really cares, as long as the fun and attention continues. However, one adventurous day in the life of my neighbor’s dog, Quincy, a new flying toy was introduced to him, and that was all it took.

Effective Flea Remedies – Treating Flea Infestation Right at the Source

Let me ask you a question: Would you rather treat hundreds of fleas with a good probability that your pet, home and bedding would be infested again? Or would you rather kill the fleas right at the source – the female flea laying the eggs?

Caring for Your Hunting Dog’s Teeth and Ears

The article suggests ways of caring for your hunting dog’s teeth and ears. Hunting dogs get exposed to many different hazards and it is important to ensure that their teeth and ears are clean and healthy.

3 Types of Pet Meds Worth Having in Your Medicine Cabinet for Your Dog or Cat

It isn’t often that our furry friends get sick or feel under the weather – and sometimes, they seem so enthusiastic and energetic, that we can hardly tell when things are bothering them. But behind the wagging tail or purring nudges, Fido or Fluffy may need a little human tender loving care.

Using a Dog Harness and Other Accessories to Help Your Dog

There are numerous dogs that suffer from different stages of arthritis. The ones that suffer from advanced arthritis have serious mobility problems and need help whenever they want to climb into a car or up some stairs. There are certain accessories that can help, and this article is here to provide some information on them.

How to Prevent Dog Anemia

Various factors contribute to anemia in dogs. Everything from fleas to genetic diseases can cause bleeding and loss of blood which will result in a low blood cell count.

Pregnancy in Dogs – Caring For A Pregnant Dog

If you’re a new dog owner, pregnancy in dogs is often somewhat overwhelming. In the event your dog is pregnant and you would like to know the best way to look after her, make sure you read below.

Dog Sofas and Beds For Ultimate Comfort

These days’ people like to spoil their pets rotten. No longer do dogs sleep in a cardboard box under the stairs. There are a wide variety of dog bed styles on the market, which can often make choosing one very difficult.

Abnormal Tear Production in Dogs

Article describes abnormal tear production in dogs and what can be done about it. Some problems are small enough so the owner can handle it but others are more serious and may require the attention of a veterinarian.

The Pet Loo

The Pet Loo is a revolutionary indoor pet bathroom! Specially designed for maximum drainage with little to no waste odors. Easy to clean and maintain, this product is highly recommended.

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