American Bully Dogs 101; Everything You Should Know


Dog Safety: It’s All About the Tag!

It’s not something any pet owner wants to think about…how will someone know to notify ME if my dog is lost? There are only a few ways to make this happen and your dog’s identification tag is the best way!

Dog Travel: 5 Tips for a Great Road Trip!

Looking to take a road trip with your four-legged friend soon? The following are some tips to consider before you leave for a successful and memorable vacation!

Chosing a Breed of Dog: Do the Research

People most often chose a new dog based on looks and cute behavior. Getting a dog involves understanding what you’re getting yourself into, and that means doing some research.

Running a Dog Daycare Business

Many people think of owning a dog daycare business in terms of making a living by playing with dogs. In reality, there’s a lot to it and there are dramatic highs and lows.

Skin and Coat Care: Owning a Dog Is a Contact Sport

Dogs often have skin and coat diseases their owners don’t know about. Dog owners need to examine their pup’s skin and coat regularly or ugly surprises are likely to happen.

Debarking Your Dog: Don’t!

Sometimes people have their barky dog’s vocal chords deliberately impaired so the pup can’t bark loudly. A much better solution would be to work with an experienced trainer to correct the problem.

Grooming Your Dog At Home

Can I groom my dog myself? Absolutely. It’s quite simple to discipline your dog at home. The first step is to collect the required tools like pet dog brushes, a towel, nail clippers, trimming scissors, a hair dryer and special shampoo for dogs. When it’s the first time for your dog to get groomed, it can be very tough considering the fact that dogs can be pretty sensitive with water. Among the simplest tips would be to pour a small amount of water all over the body of your dog. You can even put your dog in a tub, slowly filling it with water just so you won’t be giving him or her quite a shock which you may not like. Once you get your dog calmed down, make sure that his whole coat is wet enough to apply shampoo. The best option would be to make use of one method or formula that helps in preventing and killing ticks, flies and germs. When shampoo is applied, lather throughout the coating. It remove all the dirt be sure you have created a large froth of bubbles.

Training Your Dog

You know that dog owner we’ve all seen — the one flying by, being dragged around by his huge loping dog. The same one who is yelling for his dog to come to him while the dog is studiously ignoring him and running away? The very same one who is yelling at his dog for eating off counters? YOU don’t want to be that dog owner, do you?

How to Choose Dog Toys

Dog toys are not just a treat for your dog. You are not “spoiling” them by giving them toys to play with. Like a child that will act out and misbehave when they are bored, dogs use toys to explore, to entertain themselves and to interact with their human friends.

How To Stop Dog Aggression

To stop dog aggression can be a frustrating endeavor when you’re not sure where to begin. The following step-by-step tips should help.

How To Make a Pet Crate a Home

The best way to keep a pup pleasant in his cage is to provide bedding, durable toys, and access to water and food. These simple items will assure he is comfortable and content in his private room.

Using Crate Training for Happy Dogs and Owners

This article explains why a dog should be crate trained from safety issues to potty training. Also, crate training should be a positive experience for the dog and owner.

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