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Kennel Cough Shot – Must Know Information To Keep Your Pet Safe!

Kennel Cough is also known as infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a highly contagious disease which affects the upper respiratory of the dogs. The causative agents of this infection include Bordetella bronchiseptica, parainfluenza virus and mycoplasma.

How to Take Care of Man’s Best Friend, His Perfect Companion

The joy of having your first pup is wonderful, you have waited for so long, and you have finally gotten one. The jobs are numerous in taking care of an animal, and it teaches you to be responsible if you are a child.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kennel Cough? Facts You Need To Know Now

Kennel cough is considered as an upper infection of the respiratory system of a dog. It is mainly caused by the combination of the bacteria called Bordella bronchiseptica and the canine parainfluenza virus. The disease is considered to be contagious and thus can spread quickly among dogs and even the close quarters of the kennel or even the animal shelter.

Dog Parks – Good or Bad?

Dog Parks can be a great experience for both pet and owner. But what about the risk of a dog fight? Learn what every dog owner should know to prevent unfortunate outcomes at local dog parks.

Fueling Your Agility Dog

The debate rages on about whether or not Domestic Dogs are Carnivores or Omnivores. A few fringe voices even declare that dogs do better on a Herbivore diet. At the heart of the matter for the Agility Dog is not the label that their diet wears, but what kinds of nutrition and energy sources do they digest, metabolize, and burn best. Agility Dogs need the most potent and efficiently processed sources that they can find. The answer might better be found not in Scientific Debate, but by inviting our dogs to share their opinions about what they WANT to eat.

The World’s Most Healthiest Dog Breeds

Of course while the breed of a dog will not largely determine how healthy or long it will live. The more important factors that determine this are diet, lifestyle and how well the dog is taken care of; it is still interesting to see what dogs seem to have less health problems than others.

Summerizing Your Dog: Eliminating Odors And Fleas

As we gear into summer, your dog has to be prepared, as well. The following are some easy steps to undertake to keep your dog flea free and almost odorless in a green, organic way.

Keeping Your Dog’s Fleas and Ticks at Bay

This article aims to provide a simple solution on keeping your dog’s fleas and ticks at bay. It may not totally eliminate the problems on ticks and fleas but these are cheap ways to keep them under control and when done properly and consistently, fleas and ticks will be eliminated in the long run.

You Had Me at First Lick

What has your dog taught you about yourself? The writer opens up as to how he came to adopt a black and tan coonhound and gained insights into himself as a result.

Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs – Loyalty

You often hear people commenting about how loyal their dog is or dogs in general. Sometimes I wonder are they transferring human characteristics on to dogs and are dogs really loyal or is it more to do with a pack environment. Then I hear various stories, which reinforce my belief that dogs really are steadfast and I wonder is there perhaps something we could learn from them?

Tips for Preventing Relieving Accidents When in Public

Service and Assistance dogs are allowed by law, into public places of business and transportation. They are allowed because they are quiet, clean and well behaved. Sometimes service dogs have accidents in public areas. This article offers excellent tips and strategies for service dog handlers, to avoid embarrassing accidents in public.

Predatory Drift – What Is It? How to Avoid It!

Predatory drift originates from a dog’s ancient instinct to hunt and kill prey. It is a hard-wired behavior that can be triggered in any dog. It is prey drive—-hunting and killing for food— in pure form and should not be confused with aggression,

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