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New Puppy Thoughts, Costs and Considerations

Got a new dog or considering one? Are kids in your life asking to get a dog? You will want to check out this article before making a decision!

Benefits of Advance Dog Food for Toy Breeds

Toy dogs are irresistibly charming, but it’s never been easy for them, or for their owners. If you’ve got a toy dog, you know the hard work it takes to maintain their cuteness. One of the things you need to be careful of is giving them the proper diet. Advance dog food has a line of products using recipes that were formulated exclusively for the small breed.

Why Does Conditioning Work for Some Dogs and Not Others?

If you reinforce behavior that you want than it will likely happen again. This is one of the mission statements that aligns with learning theory / conditioning and the treat trainers.

Learn the 4 Good Puppy Training Methods for an Obedient Pet

When you bring home a new pet puppy or dog, training them proper behavior is of great magnitude. Not only should one make sure that their nutrient allowance is met but also ascertaining that they are provided with shelter to grow in happily, healthily, and lovingly. Of course, owners do not wish for creating chaos within their neighborhood. It is imperative to carry out necessary puppy training per se.

5 Health Problems Your Dog Might Experience

Instead of waiting for the problem to arrive, learning precautions and first aid applications is a must. Prevention is oftentimes better than cure. So keep your dogs happy by living healthy.

How Dog Beds Can Benefit Your Pet

Dog owners want to do everything they can to keep their pets safe, happy and comfortable and dog beds can help you do that. Find out more about dog beds today.

How To Travel Safely With Your Dog

Are you planning a cross-country road trip with your dog in the near future? If so, you should follow the advice I’m about to give on how to travel safely with your dog. Doing so will help your dog remain comfortable, safe and happy, even though they are miles away from their home.

How To Discipline a Small Dog

If you own a chihuahua or other breed of small dog, you’re going to have to discipline them at one point or another. Whether it’s going to the bathroom indoors, displaying aggressive behavior, barking uncontrollably, or simply behaving in an unacceptable way, these are things which an owner needs to teach their dog boundaries with. If you don’t, they will think its acceptable behavior they can get away with.

Chihuahuas and Small Dogs

Do you have small child and are thinking of adding a pet Chihuahua to your family? Many people think Chihuahuas aren’t a suitable breed for small children and write them off altogether if they do. While you may not need to act so brash, there are a few things you should know to protect the safety of both your children and Chihuahua.

Puppy Potty Training – Why Is This Important?

They say that the dog is man’s best friend. Many would agree to this truth. In fact, throughout the world, the dog has been the widely accepted pet at most homes.

Why Send Your Puppy to Puppy Training Classes?

They say that Dogs are man’s best friends. This has been proven to be true and thus any human race place great value and reverence to dogs. Around the world, the dogs are the most preferred home pets for several reasons.

Potty Training a Puppy for Cleanliness and Discipline

People often get smitten just by seeing cute puppies. This is always what makes them think of having their own pets. Thus, they begin asking people or friends who have pets, how to potty training a puppy.

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