Big Mistakes People Make Bringing Home A Dog


Getting Over the Hump: Why Does My Dog Hump and What Can I Do?

“Humping” in dogs is widely misunderstood. Often attributed to Dominance, or “Alpha” status, it’s frowned upon in a way that certainly doesn’t help our dogs. This article dispels the myths surrounding mounting using behavioural science. It will help you learn to better understand and deal with the behavior in the future.

The Facts About Heartworm Symptoms In Dogs

Heartworm symptoms in dogs can be difficult to spot. It is fairly easy to prevent but difficult to cure. It is only contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. It only takes one bite from a mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae for your dog to contract the disease. There is no way for an infected dog to pass the infection onto another dog or onto humans as the infection can only be transferred through mosquitoes and unfortunately there is currently no way of detecting if a mosquito is infected. This is why prevention is so important.

Is a Wooden Dog House Better Than a Plastic Dog House?

Most pet owners agree that having a specific home for their pet is a necessity. The big question than becomes, what material do I use in my dog house? A lot depends on the type of dog you have, is it inside or outside and what is the weather like in your area. Your choice of wood or plastic will depend on how you answer those questions. But, no matter which way you go, make sure that you provide your loving little friend with a safe, secure and comfortable home.

Helpful Crate Training Information

Crate training is a very safe and effective way of keeping your dog out of trouble while you are not around and it helps with potty training as well. Whether you have a puppy with little control of bowels and bladder or an adult dog who needs some potty training help or who tears up the house when left alone, crate training is a great idea. Your dogs crate should make him feel safe and like he has a place of his own that he can go to when he feels tired or just wants to be alone.

My Dog Just Ate Chocolate! What Should I Do?

As a dog owner, I’m sure you have heard somewhere along the line that chocolate for your dog should be avoided at all costs. While there is truth to this, the chemical called theobromine can be very poisonous to dogs. However, the amount of chocolate, the type of chocolate, and the size of your dog are also factors to determine if your dog is really in danger.

A Guide to Leash Training Your Dog

A simple guide to help those who want to leash train their dog. Leash training a dog requires patience and consistency.

Dog Bark Collar Types and Their Differences

Dogs communicate just like we do. And while we talk, they bark. For obvious reasons, canine buddies bark because they’re born to do such a thing. Nonetheless, excessive barking shouldn’t be justified because it can actually be solved. As a fact, when dogs bark too much, it becomes a problem both for the owner and the neighbors. When people start to complain about your dog being so annoying, you have no choice but to address it. You cannot afford a lot of people complaining and the only thing you can do is solve the problem. Doing so means getting help from a bark collar.

What to Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Like Your Neighbor

Does your dog growl and bark or act aggressively towards your neighbor? If so, it’s important to figure out why. It could be a territorial issue or a particular scent. No matter what the problem, there are certain techniques you can use to create a more peaceful relationship between them.

What Is Parvo and Is My Dog In Danger?

The intestinal form of Parvo is a virus in dogs that can be prevented through proper vaccines as a puppy. The cardiac form of parvo is less common, but we will discuss both forms. We’ll also talk about diagnosis and treatment should your dog become infected with the virus.

Should Dogs Get Dressed Up?

Dogs like people get cold for a number of reasons. Older dogs are less active and may have poor circulation. Small dogs have very little body mass. And some dogs just don’t have heavy coats of fur. So, instead of “cranking” up the heat, you might try dressing up your pooch.

How to Keep Your English Bulldog Puppy Happy

The English bulldog puppy is not difficult to take care of. Learn how to keep your bulldog puppy happy using these easy tips.

5 Things NOT TO DO When Giving Your Puppy a Bath

There have been a lot of instances where you might have tried giving your pet puppy a proper bathing and you just ended up feeling quite drained and weary after such an experience. Dogs are usually quite energetic, and this would often lead you to become frustrated in making sure their cleanliness. You wished you were in store for a much more pleasant experience, but considering that you love your pup so much, you would just go along with all the pitfalls that come along with bathing them. Nevertheless, should you really need to make it a lot easier for yourself, below are 5 things to steer clear of when giving your pup a bath:

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