Biggest Mistake You Can Make With A Puppy


Pet Meds for a Dog With Allergies

According to WebMD, one in five people suffer from some type of allergy. An allergy is defined as a disorder of the immune system that makes a person hypersensitive to normally innocuous substances. The substance (allergen) that causes allergies could be pollen, cat dander, or a specific food. Inhaling, ingesting, or coming into contact with these allergens can cause a variety of symptoms, from itchy eyes and rashes to death. Most of us know someone who is allergic to something. But did you know that allergies also affect our furry friends?

Common Skin Mites That Affect Dogs

Because they are so common, when pets start scratching incessantly, most owners automatically think, “Fleas!” But believe it or not, the pesky parasites aren’t always to blame. There is another insect that is every bit as troublesome as the flea, and may be much harder to detect. As the name implies, mites are tiny, mostly are microscopic insects. When a dog suffers from mite infestation, he will typically scratch, chew, and even gnaw on his own skin in a vain attempt to end the pain. This mastication typically results in loss of fur and large, raw patches of irritated and injured skin. These inflammations will only get worse unless they are treated with products that are specifically designed to kill mites.

What Do Dogs See?

It’s rather interesting to compare the vision of dogs versus humans. Dogs detect motion better than we do, and they also see in dimmer light than we do. However, there are some ways in which your sight is superior, and also some other senses that might give the edge to the dog in the end.

Creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan That Includes Your Pets

If you are ordered to evacuate your home for any reason, it’s your job to make sure everyone gets out safely including your pets. We’ll review all the precautions that you need to take, including rescue stickers, supplies, microchipping, accommodations, meeting areas, and more!

Managing Golden Retriever Health Problems and Training

The Golden Retriever is an extremely popular choice as a pet and with good reason. They are sociable, faithful and affectionate dogs that love to be included in the household and to join in all the fun and games. However, they are predisposed to some hereditary health conditions that must be tested and monitored. Golden Retrievers are easy to train, so long as you are ready to put in the time and have plenty of patience.

Training Your Dog Using a Simple Device Called a Clicker

Training your dog in obedience will help develop trust and respect from your pet. Training him with basic commands will lead to a better behaved dog and a more enjoyable experience with your pet. Using the clicker training method is the fastest and simplest technique for the beginner.

List of Things to Have When Expecting a Litter of Puppies

Here are some essentials for the correct care and healthy nurturing of your new puppies. A whelping box or a whelping area away from the hustle and bustle of family and away from other pets. When mom delivers her puppies she can get aggressive towards people and other pets, so please make sure her whelping box is in an area where she doesn’t feel the need to always be on guard.

How To Potty Train A Puppy

For anyone who has a new puppy, it is important to look into the different aspects of potty training. Since your puppy will be a member of your household, it is important to teach him where he should do his potty. You surely would not like him to do his peeing and pooping just about anywhere. Therefore, there is a need to train him in order that he gets used to the idea as early as he can.

Housebreaking A Puppy

It is important to housebreak a puppy as early as possible so that you get to train him where he must do his eliminating – peeing and pooping. To housebreak a puppy, you do need to follow the simple tips as stated below:

House Training A Puppy

House training a puppy is important. For a new puppy owner, it is important to be able to house train your puppy so that he doesn’t do his elimination simply anywhere he wants to.

Summer Is Coming: Best Getaways For You and Your Dog

Now that Summer is right around the corner, you want to start thinking about some travel destinations with your dog along for the ride. We’ll break down some of the popular spots in the United States that you can plan a great bonding vacation with you and your pet!

Safe Travel Tips for Your Dog

Are you and your dog ready to explore the outdoors? If so, there are several travel tips that we can share with you, including the length of the trip, identification for your dog, crating, medications, and more.

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