Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) vs Australian Shepherd; Differences


Training Your Dog to Stay Off the Bed

Dog-lovers are willing to share just about everything with their beloved canine companions, but some draw the line at the foot of the bed. Getting a restful night’s sleep may be difficult with a sleeping partner who thrashes, sheds, and snores–yes, that means the dog, not the spouse. Within every dog is the soul of a wolf, and wolves live in packs. They sleep near one another for warmth and companionship; given the choice, most dogs would prefer to do the same with their people. It’s hard to say no to that puppy-dog look, but sometimes an owner must. Dogs are part of the family, but like other family members, they can have their own beds.

Picking The Best Dog Bed

It’s been a long day at work, you’ve dealt with a stroppy boss and fought your way through rush hour traffic. So, now time for candles, a relaxing bath, glass of wine and then off to bed on a nice relaxing hard wooden floor.

How To Choose A Dog Toy For Your Dog

As a dog owner it is sometimes difficult to pick the right dog toy for your dog. When you go to the local pet shop there are always at least 30 different types of toys that you can buy your dog. The question is, which one is most suitable for your dog? In this article, I will talk about the most common dog toys and what their uses are.

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks Can Be Tricky for Dog Owners

If you have a dog that has fleas and ticks then you need to find a treatment for them. Most pet stores have an extensive line of products that can help your dog get rid of their pest. Make sure before you run out and buy everything in sight you learn which items are effective and which ones are good to stay away from. There are several ways to go about finding a product that will help you eliminate your dogs fleas and ticks.

House Train Your Dog to Stop Peeing in Your Home

If you have recently just got a new puppy then you know that they are going to need house training. This is something that you should prepare for so that you do not get mad at the dog. There are tools that you can buy at your local pet store that may help you to train your new dog much easier. You may even want to check online to see some of the reviews of these products so you can better gauge witch ones are most effective.

Bringing Home a Golden Retriever Puppy Soon?

If you’re looking to buy or adopt a puppy, choosing a breed is a very tough choice. There are many different breeds available with many different features and characteristics. One of best dog breeds today is a retriever, and for good reason.

How You And Your Dog Should Act at the Dog Park

A dog park can be a great experience for you and your dog. Here are some guidelines for you to consider when you and your dog visit your local park!

Why A Good Puppy Costs So Much Money

Before I got into dogs I always wondered why puppies were so expensive. I mean rescues are full of wonderful companions for $50 (including my very own Sam who was neutered and had all of his shots). When I got into the world of purebreds I started to understand all of the costs and now that I have dipped my toe in the water of breeding Australian Shepherds I REALLY get it. When you do it right it is NOT cheap! Let’s pretend for this exercise you already have a bitch.

All About Effective Dog Training and Obedience

According to top professional sources, dog obedience training must be a continuous process. This is a program that particularly requires the involvement of the dog as well as its master. The training for dog obedience is centered in providing and creating strong rapport between you and your pet.

Taking Care of Common Household Pets

At one point or another in our lives we have owned at least one pet.  It could have been a dog, a cat, a fish or even a tiger. Having a pet in the house does not only bring owners lots of fun, but is also known to relieve stress, uplift emotional conditions and can provide therapeutic values.

Can You Obedience Train Your Dog At Home?

Unfortunately, your dog may have some bad habits: he barks too much; he chews on household items like socks, shoes, and electric cords; he jumps up on people; he eliminates in the house; he chases your other pets; he pulls on a leash, he won’t come when called. Do any of these behaviors sound familiar?

Rescue Missions for Our Four Legged Pals

It is common knowledge that dogs have an incredible sense of smell. This has been put to effective use in a number of different ways. Bomb squads in the police department often use dogs to discover the presence of bombs. Apart from being able to detect the smell of chemicals and materials used in making the bombs, dogs can often pick up the scent of a human trail which can often lead them to the site of the bomb.

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