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Why Are My Dog’s Teeth Stained?

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their dog’s teeth. Not until they notice their dog has stained teeth, tartar, bad breath or bad teeth. The truth is that your dog’s teeth are very much like your own. Here are some things to think about.

Do Dogs Make Us Healthier?

We often hear stories that claim that pets, including dogs, make people healthier and even help them live longer lives, but are they true? Is there any science to back up these claims? The answer is yes! People with pets do lead healthier lives in many ways.

Are Dogs Being Over-Vaccinated?

A few generations ago it wasn’t uncommon for a disease such as distemper to sweep through an area and decimate the local dog population. It wasn’t until the 1950s that a vaccine was developed for canine distemper. Likewise, parvo appeared in the 1970s and killed vast numbers of dogs before a vaccine was developed. Today we often take for granted that we can protect our dogs against these common killers but it wasn’t always so. Some people question whether or not dogs are being over-vaccinated today. It’s not an easy question.

Does My Dog Need A Friend To Play With?

Lots of people have to leave their dog home alone during the day (or night) while they work. They worry that their dog is lonely while they’re away. Perhaps you feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone. Maybe your dog cries when you leave the house. Or, maybe your dog has some behavior problems and destroys things while you’re gone. Sometimes people think that if their dog had a dog friend to play with while they were away the dog would be happier. What’s the real story?

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Stains

We would all love for our dogs to be pristine and clean all the time. Wouldn’t that be nice? For most of us though, that’s not a practical possibility. Our dogs get a bath when we can squeeze it in. And, as soon as you give your dog a bath he may run outside and decide to roll around in a smelly pile of trash in the yard. And, truthfully, dogs are not always very neat when they potty. What if you have a male who keeps peeing on himself? Talk about a bad aim!

Heartworms and Your Dog

Heartworms are a parasite found in dogs which are spread by mosquitoes. It is a very serious disease and, left untreated, can kill your dog.

Dogs and Arthritis

Arthritis, or osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is a condition in which the smooth cartilage that covers and protects the ends of your dog’s bones begins to wear away. When this happens it leaves the bones exposed and, on the ends of joints where the bones meet, they begin to rub against each other. This makes the condition very painful and causes inflammation. The condition often worsens as your dog gets older.

Can Dogs Have A Heart Attack?

It is possible for dogs to faint or collapse due to an abnormality in relation to their heart function. This article discusses the possibilities.

Basic Supplies For Teaching Dog Agility

Dog agility is the fastest growing dog sport in North America. There are already several national organizations which offer competitions for all dogs and the AKC has recently welcomed mixed breed dogs to their agility trials, too. With such a rapidly growing sport there are many people who are getting involved in agility for the first time with their dogs. Here’s some information about what you need to get started if you’re interested in teaching dog agility.

What Type of Chew Toys Are Best For My Dog?

If you browse through a pet store or look online at pet suppliers you’ll find that there’s an enormous variety of chew toys available for dogs. You may feel like throwing up your hands and giving up! Which ones should you get for your dog? How should you decide what chew toys your dog would like?

What Is A Dog Digging Pit?

If you have a dog who loves to dig in your yard then you may need a dog digging pit. So what is a dog digging pit? It’s like giving your dog his own personal sand box to play in. The great thing about a dog digging pit is that once your dog has one he’s much less likely to dig in other places in your yard.

Using Hand Signals In Dog Training

Lots of us would be very happy if we could simply teach our dogs a few simple obedience commands: to sit, stand, lie down, sit-stay, come when called and to walk on a leash without pulling. A dog who can do those things when asked is usually considered to be well-trained. But some people need to do more than the usual training with their dogs. They use hand signals in dog training.

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