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Capstar For Dogs

If your dog has fleas then this can be a highly unpleasant experience for them that damages their health in more ways that you might think. Not only is it of course uncomfortable for a dog to experience fleas, but at the same time you should expect it to affect their mood and behavior, to affect the quality of their skin and fur, to cause them other upset, to make them more vulnerable to other illness and more. Fleas after all are parasites living on the skin that suck blood and that place a constant strain on the dog -…

Don’t Give Your Dachshund Back Problems By Using The Wrong Leash

Don’t risk the possibility of giving your Dachshund back or neck problems because you are using the wrong kind of leash. A leash that is connected to your dogs’ collar may cause windpipe damage as well as possibly destroying their vocal cords. Dachshunds are unique because of their short legs and very long back. Too much upward pressure on their neck that is caused by a collar leash can result in severe damage to your Dachshund. Make sure that you keep your dog safe and healthy by using the correct leash, a harness leash, when out for a walk.

Discover Why A Dachshund With Back Problems Can Use Steps To Help Save Their Back

Don’t let a back or neck problem stop your Dachshund from getting on your couch or their favorite chair. Just as steps help humans in many parts of our lives, so can steps help your Dachshund. With just a little training, you can teach your dog to use steps for going up and down furniture. Steps can also be used for getting in and out of your car or any other place that a dog would normally jump to. By using steps, the possibility of your dog injuring their back or neck will be greatly reduced.

Dog Food – A Low Protein Diet

Problems and ailments never make an announcement of their arrival. But for every ailment there is a cure and before every cure there is a prevention mechanism. When it comes to the diet of your dog presence of protein plays an important role.

Dog Biting Training – 4 Tips To Follow For A Bite-Free Dog

Could you imagine your precious little dog biting you or anyone of your family members? Could you imagine the feeling of betrayal you would feel? Unless you recognize the signs early, you may be heading in that direction. Pay close attention to these 4 training tips you’ll find below to avoid this outcome.

Dog Training – It’s Good For Everyone

Having a well-behaved dog is one of the best things in the world. Training your dog to do impressive tricks is fun and easily impresses everyone.

Magical Pointers on Your Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog grooming scissors are not used very often. We do not always groom our pets at home, and take them to the salon intermittently as well. What is more, our dogs do not need to be groomed as frequently as we do. Given this scenario, owners are often tempted to pick up dog grooming scissors that are not of the highest standard.

Training Your Dog Not To Bite With 3 Preventative Training Techniques

It would probably break your heart if you found out that your dog bit you or anyone else. You would probably feel bad and possibly be facing a lawsuit. Who wants to deal with the stress of this possibility? Chances are you will if training your dog not to bite isn’t apart of his training. Below you’ll find 3 techniques to ensure you don’t have to deal with anything like that.

How to Choose a Dog Coat or Blanket

Do you know how to select the correct dog blanket for your pet? There are many dog coat variations to choose from. They differ in size, durability, warmth, design and color. To choose the correct dog coat, it is necessary to determine the proper size and the type of weather your pet will be exposed to. This article will assist you in determining what’s right for your pet.

Amazing Raw Dog Food Diet Nutrition

Read why putting your dog on a raw dog food diet is one of the best decisions you can make in ensuring he or she gets the best nutrition possible. Better health, better life and greater longevity for your favorite pet!

Update on Electric Dog Fences

Before purchasing a fence for your dog you’ll want to consider all available options. If you’re fencing in your yard and you’re looking for privacy and money is not an problem then a traditional wooden stockade fence will properly contain your pets and offer you the privacy that you and your family desire. If you decide that privacy is not a factor when choosing your fence you should consider the option of an electric dog fence.

Dog Ear Infection: How To Finally Stop It With Natural Remedies

If your dog has been shaking his head and scratching at his ears, then he likely has an ear infection. Ear infections in dogs are very common but often very frustrating; they can quickly and often do re-occur leaving you wondering if you can ever get rid of them. This article will go over the most common causes of ear infections, and give you the most effective at home remedies to finally stop your dog’s ear infection.

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