Cesar! My dog won’t walk on the leash! (Aggressive Australian Shepherd!)

SitGo Dog Wheelchair-Like No Other On The Market

Are you looking for a high performing dog wheelchair? The revolutionary SitGo Dog Wheelchair is the only dog wheelchair like it on the market.

10 Easy Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Dogs need physical along with mental stimulation. Regrettably, numerous pet owners often tend to focus on offering their dog exercise and disregard providing their pet with much-needed mental stimulation. Dogs lacking mental stimulation will certainly get bored and find ways to “amuse” themselves with bad habits such as a lot of barking, whining, tail-chasing, chewing on things besides dog playthings, and digging holes in the yard or, even worst, your preferred carpet.

How Safe Is Air Dried Dog Food

We know that dog has the lineage of wild animals such as of wolf. Therefore if we study further dogs are also capable to eat and enjoy raw meat.

The Reason Dogs Lick Their Wounds

Basically, dogs lick their injuries due to the fact that they can assist at faster healing and alleviate discomfort. And although licking can help the recovery treatment in some injuries it can also trigger more harm than good. While it is true that there are certainly potential benefits to your dog licking its injury, it is necessary to bear in mind that the dangers can surpass the benefits, particularly when dealing with big injuries.

4 Things NOT TO DO With Your Dog During COVID

In this article we discussed what your dog does not need you to do for them during the pandemic. Please keep yourself and your friends and family safe.

Stop and Halt Dog Mouthing and Biting Issues

Adult dogs that nip, mouth, and bite more than prepared for were more than likely not offered proper borders as puppies. In order to have a dog that is welcome and well mannered around people and other dogs, the biting practices need to be repaired.

5 True Reasons Your Dog Is Not Responding to Your Commands

All pet dogs are good listeners, still, they need the appropriate support and connection with their owners to realize this. In the event that your dog is not responding to your commands, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons.

Effective Ways to Stop Your Dog From Barking at the Door

Knocking at the front door or hearing the door knocker ring doesn’t have to be frightening. Through a blend of training and behavior management, you are able to help your pet overcome the fear to eventually ignore “the door”, and… ultimately stop your pet dog from barking at the door.

Scientists Say There Is a Better Way To Convert Dog Years To Human Years

Some scientists have converted a human’s DNA methylations to estimating age or even predicting life expectancy. Other animals such as dogs undergo DNA methylation. As dogs age one common issue is hip dysplasia.

Effective Ways to Relieve Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises

You may not be affected by this yourself, but explosions, cracks, and pops may seem like the end of the world to your furred pal. Assuming that your doggy shakes and shivers through storms, or tucks away under the bed each and every Fourth of July, here are several measures you can take to help you soothe your dog’s fear of loud noises.

Older Dogs: Simple Facts and Tips Regarding Dogs and Golden Years

A dog that has been given more training, problem-solving, and attention will be able of figuring out things more rapidly in comparison to a dog that has not gotten almost any of these things. Additionally, a dog that has experienced all this looking after during the course of his life definitely will never cease to learn in old age.

The 12 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

It’s time to dust off the resume, start a doggy day job, and never work another day in your life. But what are the best jobs for dog lovers like yourself?

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