Cute Baby Kitten Loves a Golden Retriever


Teacup Poodles Are the Best Dog You Will Ever Own: 5 Reasons Why

Teacup Poodles are the best dog you will ever own. Here are 5 reasons why. 1. The more time you spend with your dog the better behaved your pet it will be.

Indestructible Dog Bed – 3 Reasons You Need One

Dogs have a tendency of fighting through different fabric choices when it comes to their bed. From time to time you will see your pet chewing, gnawing, and biting their beds, as it is a normal occurrence.

Tips on Potty Training Your Dachshund

Dachshunds are notorious for not having the best potty habits. It is crucial to get them off on the right start, so begin training on the day you bring your new puppy home. The most important thing to remember when you are potty training is consistency and scheduling.

Simple Tips for Dog House Training

Dog house training is one of the most indispensable phases in the process of coaching your household pet. Seasoned trainers suggest that dog owners should rely on the characteristics of the dog in carrying out this training program. Perhaps, one of the things that will work to the advantage of owners and instructors is that dogs are generally clean and susceptible to instructions.

Best Practices for Boarding and Caring For Your Dog and Other Pets

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Too many people take for granted these responsibilities and it’s the pet that suffers. Especially dogs, but any pet can fall into this category. There are good alternatives available for those who want a pet for companionship but their work schedule keeps them away from home for longer periods of time than what is considered normal and they need to find a good place to keep their dog that will keep both your pet and you happy.

How to Practice Dog House Training

Dog house training can prove to be a strenuous task. It can also be frustrating at times particularly when the dog starts reverting to its unpleasant habits of defecating and urinating inside the house. One of the first things that a pet owner should do to deal with the situation is to revive the house training process.

General Dog House Training Tips for Pet Owners

Dog owners need not be weighed down by the responsibility of providing training to their dogs. Besides, it is important to teach these canine species proper behavior and obedience so as to avoid problems in the home and public places. In dog house training, the approach should ideally be based on helpful corroboration instead of focusing on reprimanding your pets for failing to follow commands.

5 Tips to Help A Dog Frightened By Environmental Noises

Wondering why every time there are loud noises such as fireworks, sirens, thunder or even your doorbell; your dog acts differently? Loud noises might even cause your dog to run or hide. These are symptoms of environmental noise phobias.

6 Tips to Calm a Scared Dog

It is quite common for some dogs to develop a fear of loud environmental noises. To calm a scared dog you must first know what signs to look for in a frightened dog. Here are six tips to help calm a scared dog experiencing noise phobias.

Desensitizing Dogs That Suffer From Noise Phobias

Desensitizing dogs that suffer from noise phobias can be extremely effective when used correctly. This method has worked well on humans for decades and can prove effective with animals as well. A dog scared of loud noises can be desensitized by introducing minute amounts of whatever noise causes fear in the dog.

Demodectic Mange In Dogs And Why It’s So Common

Demodectic mange in dogs is common. It occurs most of the time in puppies. Why? Well a puppy doesn’t have a full functioning immune system so when the mites attack it has no way to defend itself.

Oral Canine Medications – Tips for Administering Them Correctly

As an owner, you should know that your dog can develop health problems. Some of them require you to give him medication. These are a few tips on giving medications to your dog properly.

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