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Stop Your Bulldog From Excessively Barking

Barking is a natural instinct for most dogs. However it is also irritation when it is too much and when the dog decides to do it at 1.00 a.m. in the morning when you are trying to sleep. Bulldogs will bark for various reasons, some bark at any strange thing they do, some may bark at their litter mates during play or join in the barking initiated by another dog.

Tips on Feeding a Dog With Cancer

Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs. Though most types of cancers are often incurable and will cost owners a lot of money in terms of medications, dogs suffering from cancer can live long fulfilled lives through proper nutrition. It is unlikely that even the best of diets can cure your dog or relieve him from his pain, but it has been shown that feeding a dog suffering from cancer properly will greatly increase the quality of life of the dog and may slow down the destructive effects of the cancer.

Travelling Stress-Free With Your French Bulldog

Packing up for a vacation is usually a fun time filled with great expectations for the time ahead. This time is also a stressful period for dog owners who don’t want to leave their dogs behind and especially not in boarding kennels where you are not assured that your Frenchie will get the kind of life he/she is used to. For this reasons owners of French bulldogs would much rather travel with their dogs and enjoy this time together.

Vital Needs of a French Bulldog

Dogs are different, even within the same breed no two dogs are different. Each dog is a unique individual and should be regarded as such. Frenchie like other dogs have special needs that will keep them comfortable, healthy and at their best.

Ways to Make Your Dog Love You

If you think that being lenient on your dog and letting him have his way will make your dog love you then think again. Connections and bonds formed by dogs go far beyond feeding and occasional petting of the dog. Love in dogs comes from an understanding that they are secure and well taken care of by their owner. A dog that is comfortable with the owner is corrected when he I wrong and has had plenty of time to build strong bond will become very attached to his owner.

Warm Climates and French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are very intolerant to heat and will easily succumb in hot weather. This is because of the structure of their air passages. Dogs will usually pant to lose heat when it is hot. This panting is necessary to enable heat loss and at the same time to cool air as it passes through the air passages. In Frenchies however the short structure of these passages makes it difficult to exchange heat well as it passes thus making this cooling ineffective. Frenchies may also suffer from a condition that causes obstruction of the larynx during inspiration.

Why French Bulldogs Make a Great Choice for a Home Pet

These dogs are not just a great choice for home pets but an excellent one. They are adorable, intelligent, and are OK staying in the house all day, what more could you ask for? French bulldogs are small thus ideal even for apartments where there might not be a lot of room. They will also do well in farm houses because of their adaptability. The only thing you have to be careful about is to ensure they are in a well air conditioned area because of their intolerance to heat.

Dog Games – Entertaining Your Dog

Dogs enjoying playing, an active dog mind makes for a happy dog. So what can you do to stimulate your dogs mind? You can give them a toy such as a kong ball (or something similar) where they have try to figure out how to get the treat out of it.

Dog Breed Focus: The Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is an impressive animal. These powerful wolf-like dogs have incredible reserves of energy and will run all day, particularly when pulling a sled. But they are also sociable, loyal and affectionate towards people and have a great sense of fun and a genuine enjoyment of life.

Bichon Training: Proper Socialization Techniques

Raising and training a bichon can be quite different from other dogs. Since they are a very social dog, owners must understand how to properly socialize their bichon and learn to identify things like separation anxiety and fear aggression. The focus of this article will be to educate new and prospective owners on the importance of social training, and offer advice on how to do this.

Getting a Dog – Should You Get an Adult Or a Puppy?

Now that you have made up your mind to get a dog you are wondering whether it would be better to get an adult instead of getting a puppy. The decision is not only a matter of taste but there are a few important facts to take into consideration. After all, you want to create a happy life for your dog and yourself.

Pomeranian Training

These are lively dogs with a great personality. Pomeranians have lots of energy and can be strong willed when they want to be. These dogs may be small but they are very intelligent and this makes them good candidates for training. These dogs make for very good house companions and are very loyal to their owners.

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