Do These 3 Things When You Get A Dog

Elderly People Prefer Wrap Style Dog Clothes

When polling people over the age of 55, most will tell you that they prefer to have dog clothes that are designed in a wrap style. They typically will also ask that they have Velcro closures because buttons, snaps, and zippers are often hard to manage. The reasons previously mentioned are just a few.

Royan Canin – A Top Dog Food Company

Royal Canin is a global manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of pet food (dog and cat). The multinational company mainly focuses on producing specialized pet food taking into account factors such as; breed type, life stage of the pet, veterinary prescribed diet etc.

Prevent Tear Stains On Dogs

This article will give you suggestions for preventing tear staining on your dog. There are also tips for removing tear stains.

Sasha’s Blend Helps Keep Dogs Fit

Have you ever scanned through the ingredients list of a cereal box and thought, “how can this be healthy” as you walk down the grocery aisles? This question goes the same and should be thought about when giving your dog his food.

How to Choose the Best Dog Treats for Your Dog

If you have been into any major pet store lately, you know that there are hundreds of different brands and varieties of dog treats. If you are a dog owner, you may be asking “what is the best treat to get for my dog”? There are many factors to consider when choosing the best dog treat for your best friend.

Husky Biting – How to Stop Puppy Biting

One of the most common problems that Husky owners will face at some point is biting. This issue often begins early on in puppy-hood and then escalates as the dog reaches maturity due to improper handling of the habit. If you want to stop Husky biting in your puppy, then you will want to read on. Specifically, we’ll cover the reason why Huskies bite, handling biting in young puppies, and handling biting in older puppies. This information will help to curb your Husky’s undesirable behavior.

How To Know Your Dog Through Grooming

Grooming is important not just for purposes of building a lasting bond with your dog but also for health reasons. If you groom your dog on a regular basis, this will help you in detecting some of the following conditions and illnesses..

Ways to Clean Up Dog Poop

Going crazy over the questions of ways to pick your dog’s feces and ways to handle dog poop? Well there are many good answers to these age old questions and I can guarantee you, that you will never have to pull your hair out in angst again wondering again. You must read on though, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Pet Products and Gift Ideas for Dogs

Giving presents is one of the most common ways that we show our appreciation and affection for those we care about. This is usually done during holidays and special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. However, this tradition is not limited to humans as we can also give gifts to our furry companions.

Tips for Choosing Your Dog’s Water Bowl

Dehydration in dogs can be a serious threat to their health. Here are some things to consider when choosing your dog’s water bowl.

Benefits of Dog Daycare

I have a confession to make. I don’t exercise my dog as much as I should. Between work, family, and household obligations, walking the dog for an hour a day sometimes falls through the cracks. And I’m not alone. Pet ownership continues to grow among the young and single career-minded who spend long hours away from home. And an increasing number of married households are double-income. That’s where dog daycare comes in.

Eukanuba! A Brief History and Summary of the Brand

In the world of dog and cat food there are a number of companies that produce products that are more than just about giving your pet something to eat as they focus on ensuring the correct nutrients are contained within their products. Eukanuba is one such company and they are one of the most well established names within this particular industry due to having been in existence for a number of years. Prior to going and spending that little bit extra in order to get their products it makes sense to know more about the company and what they produce.

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