Do These 3 Things When You Get A Dog

Sasha’s Blend Helps Keep Dogs Fit

Have you ever scanned through the ingredients list of a cereal box and thought, “how can this be healthy” as you walk down the grocery aisles? This question goes the same and should be thought about when giving your dog his food.

How to Choose the Best Dog Treats for Your Dog

If you have been into any major pet store lately, you know that there are hundreds of different brands and varieties of dog treats. If you are a dog owner, you may be asking “what is the best treat to get for my dog”? There are many factors to consider when choosing the best dog treat for your best friend.

Husky Biting – How to Stop Puppy Biting

One of the most common problems that Husky owners will face at some point is biting. This issue often begins early on in puppy-hood and then escalates as the dog reaches maturity due to improper handling of the habit. If you want to stop Husky biting in your puppy, then you will want to read on. Specifically, we’ll cover the reason why Huskies bite, handling biting in young puppies, and handling biting in older puppies. This information will help to curb your Husky’s undesirable behavior.

Down Boy! Stopping Your Boisterous Dog From Jumping

The fact that people consider dog jumping an annoying act is reason enough to put in place proper measures to deter your dog from pouching on people when they walk in your house. You do not want to witness a situation whereby a handicapped individual comes to your house and while still at the door, your dog pounces on him making him fall down.

Cute Things I Learned About Pugs

If you have a pet pug, in my eyes you are very lucky. I’ve done some research on them for some time now because when I get one, I want to be ready so I can give my pug a happy, healthy home.

Choosing the Best Car Harness for Dogs

As a family member your dog will want to be involved in your travelling plans. The trouble is that travelling with dogs can be a bit daunting sometimes and it’s important to think of the safety and security issues when doing your harness research.

Photographing Dogs Without a Hassle

I have been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. Most of my subjects have been children in a portrait setting. Because most families have a favorite pet, usually dogs, I am often asked to photograph them as well.

Best Family Dogs – Big Noisy Family? This List Is for You

The best family dogs tend to have similar characteristics. It is true that one of the great variables in choosing a family dog is, in effect, the type of family you have. That said, let’s take a look at what traits, generally, we would consider desirable.

Dealing With a Shedding Dog

It’s inevitable if you have a dog in your home: you have to deal with shedding. Depending on the breed of dog and whether or not you keep him outside for lengthy periods of time, the volume and frequency of shedding will vary. Dogs tend to shed their fur in the spring as a means of lightening their fur for the weather. Dogs may also shed for other reasons, such as when they are nervous. Diet and grooming may also play a role in frequency – it’s a matter of observing your pet to determine what you can do to deal with unwanted hair around your home.

Why a Premium Dog Food Is Important

We all love our pets and will do about anything to treat them as well as they treat us. So why do we feed our beloved pets low end cheap dry food that comes in a bag?

House Training an Adult Dog

This article is to tell you about my experience potty training my 8 year old Maltese Dog that I adopted. Hopefully, my experience will help you with your dog.

Flea Symptoms: Signs That You Have an Infestation in Your Home

You’re playing with your pet one day and you notice that your mangy mutt is scratching the back of his ears quite vigorously. You help him and then find a single flea busy sucking on your poor pet’s skin.

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