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If I Can Catch Something Early and Can Possibly Cure It – I Want to!

With every patient, I try to keep that mindset “If this were my dog or cat what would I do?” Sure, as a vet, I have more tools to play with than the average person and, I suppose, in some ways, I have unlimited access to veterinary care. However, I try to be realistic and consider quality of life for each of my dogs.

Answer These Three Questions to Teach Your Dog Anything

Break down any behavior you want to teach your dog to do by asking yourself the 3 questions contained in this article. Learn how to not only train your dog to perform the behavior successfully on cue, but how to also make it more reliable in various situations.

Good Breeds of Dogs For Houses With Children

Agile and speedy enough to stay out-of-the-way when necessary but cute and cuddly in his own right, our mixed breed longhaired Papillon Chihuahua named Alex weighing about five pounds “dripping wet” at one year of age is a terrific choice for families with young and older children. But crawling babies could be unintentionally scratched by the dog engaged in his playful antics and the dog could be inadvertently wacked by the baby with a toy, if the adult in charge of the duo is not exercising sufficient supervision to protect both from harm.

Facts About English Bulldogs – Everything You Need to Know

English Bulldogs are a breed descended from an ancient breed of Asian Mastiffs. This breed was developed first in England by bulldog breeders who cross-bred Mastiffs with Pugs.

Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet

There are two ways to acquire a new puppy or dog as a pet. You can either buy puppies for sale or adopt. There are so many advantages in adopting a pet than buying a new one. You can save a life and can save money at the same time.

Tips on Finding a Wonderful English Bulldog Puppy

Dogs are one of the world’s most loved family pets. One breed which is growing in popularity is the English Bulldog. If you are considering getting an English Bulldog puppy to join your family, you should first find out about the breed and learn all you can about it. Then the best course of action is to speak to a reputable breeder about English Bulldog puppies, they will give you the information and guidance you need.

How To Dress Your Pet On Your Wedding Day

An article about pet accessories on different occasions. Luxury pet accessories, jewelry, collars, leashes etc.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Dog

For those debating the benefits of spaying or neutering your doggie friend, the main point of contention relates to how the dog will handle the process. Will it see you as a threat from now on, will its personality be forever altered, or will it become overly wary of you and the rest of your family?

My Dog Got Kicked Out of Dog Daycare Today

What should you think if your dog can’t go to dog daycare or the dog park? Don’t all dogs want to play off-leash with other dogs. This article helps owners understand their own dogs.

The Best Types of Dogs to Get For Protection

Of the several different breeds of dogs our family has owned, the two Weimaraners my parents had during the 1960’s were the best protectors of our home and family. While generally growing to about twenty-seven inches tall and expected to weigh up to seventy-seven pounds, ours grew larger, heavier and were able to look a six-foot adult in the eye when rearing. Since the breed is strong, agile and full of energy, the home we had at the time located near a semi-private Florida gulf coast beach front was perfect for “Sabre” and “Jet” to romp in the foam of the incoming waves and run off the excess energy that inevitably built up when confined to our home.

Right Canine Marketplace for Puppies for Sale

Not because you found a “Puppies for Sale” sign does not mean that you should buy it right away. There are things you need to consider first such as the breed and cost of the new puppy. Aside from that, you need to take into consideration the total welfare of the pet after you bring it home.

What You Need To Know About Colitis in Dogs

If you own a dog or if you are planning to get one sometime in the nearby future then you should know that colitis is probably one of the most common health conditions that affects dogs of all breeds and ages. While some dog breeds, like German Shepherds and Retrievers, are more prone to colitis, can develop colitis. Because the condition is common and widespread among dogs, I have decided write this article up and share some useful information with you.

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