Dog Psychology vs. Dog Training! (Cesar Millan Dog Tips)


Don’t Neglect These Dog Grooming Tasks

Dog grooming is a necessary act for responsible pet owners. Brushing and bathing are definitely the most obvious… but are you missing something as a good doggie parent?

A Dog Gift Basket Makes A Great Gift For The New Dog Owner

Consider purchasing a dog gift basket for the new dog owner. Enjoy some great tips on what to look for in a gift basket. Treasure some good ideas on making your own personal dog gift basket to treat the new dog owner.

Shopping For A Blue Nose Pitbull: Traditional Buying Vs. Online Buying

Blue nose pitbull dogs are one of the most popular breeds. There are different species within this breed and it is important to keep an eye out for it. It is always recommended to approach a professional dog breeder to purchase the best species of pitbull puppies

How to Eliminate Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs become attached to their caring owners, but these owners cannot be with them all the time. The following will help you recognize the symptoms of separation anxiety and treat it when it occurs.

Purchasing a Bark Control Collar – The Pros and Cons

Part 1 of 2 – Got a dog that won’t start barking? A bark control collar may be a solution for you. Learn the pros and cons here. Click here to begin your research.

Dog Park Behavior For You and Your Dog

Take a peek at these 10 brief suggestions before you visit the dog park with your dog. As a responsible dog owner you will help ensure an enjoyable and satisfying visit for everyone.

The Untrainable Dog Syndrome – Here’s My Own Story

When your dog has become “untrainable” you need to ask yourself what went wrong. No puppy is born to become what we term a difficult dog. And since we are the ones caring for our canine friends it is very likely that our own behavior contributes to our dog’s trainability. Find out how easy it is to cause yourself some serious problems by just not doing things the way they need to be done.

Parasites and Your Pets – What Should You Do?

In veterinary medicine and ultimately in our homes parasites cause significant problems to animal and human health alike. There are parasites on the outside of cats and dogs that can affect both us and them, most commonly, fleas!

How Do You Tell Your Child That Their Pet Has to Be Put to Sleep?

How do you tell your child, whether 3, 10 or 16, that the life of the pet that they know and love is coming on end? Do you let them say goodbye? How do you tell them? How do you help them to understand?

Why It Is Wise to Use a Pet Stroller in the Winter

Walking your dog or cat during the winter months is sometimes a challenging task. Winter brings conditions that can be hazardous to pets. Using a pet stroller or pet bicycle trailer is a fine way to still get outside in the cold temperatures.

Teaching a Dog to Lie Down

Teaching a dog to lie down seems difficult sometimes, but it should not be overlooked. It is helpful when you want to calm your dog down or entertaining company. This easy, five step guide, can help you train your dog to lie down in a short amount of time.

Build A Deep Heart Bond With Your Dog

Praise your dog when she comes to you, even if you stood for an hour in the rain. Your dog expects praise when you’re smiling and clapping. If she gets scolded, next time instead of coming when you call, she’ll head the other way. You might fool her once, but remember, she’s taking notes. You will lose her trust if you are not consistent.

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