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What You Need To Know About Bloat In Dogs

Canine bloat is a very serious condition that results in more dog deaths than any other illness except for cancer. Large dogs are especially prone to bloat, and it is something every pet owner should be able to recognize.

Tips On Introducing The Newborn Baby To Your Dog

Bringing your newborn baby home from the hospital, while being an exciting time for the new parents, can be a very stressful time for your dog. Dogs are extra sensitive and can feel the tension that the parents have when they first bring the baby home, this can cause anxiety for the dog as well. If you have a well trained dog, that is attentive to all your voice commands, then you’ll have fewer problems than if you’ve never formally taught him discipline. Whatever the case may be, there are some things you can do to help get your dog, and the newborn baby, accustomed to each other, so they eventually form a long-term, happy relationship.

Three Items To Consider Before Getting A Dog

Having a dog as a pet is one of the wonderful experiences in life. A dog always loves you, no matter what, if you treat your pet properly and establish a good relationship.

Neutering Your Male Dog Is Smart, Sensible And Kind

Many people have the mistaken notion that neutering your male dog is unkind or painful. The fact of the matter is, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many advantages to having your male dog neutered, both for you and the dog. In this article, we will discuss the many smart reasons why male dogs should be neutered. Read on to learn more.

The 5 Things Walking Does For Your Dog

Many dog owners view dog walking as a necessity. The primary purpose is to ensure their dog does not relieve itself in the home. However, many do not realize that dog walking also benefits their dog.

How to Calm Your Hyper Dog

All dogs have different dispositions and some are more hyper than others. A hyper dog can be a challenge for their owner. A hyper dog’s behavior can range from excited to frantic. This can cause a disruption in the home, when you go for walks and when you encounter other people and animals.

How To Tell When Your Dog Is In Pain

Knowing whether or not your dog is in pain is crucial for figuring out if it needs medical attention. Pet owners need to focus in on listening to their animal’s behavior and look at how they function on a daily basis to get a sense for how their dog is looking. For instance, if a dog is limping for a few minutes then it may have just twisted its leg or bruised itself, but if it is limping for an entire day and the next morning then that means the dog is in pain.

Have You Thought About Doggy Day Care For Your Dog?

If you have a heavy work schedule and you just hate leaving your dog at home alone, then a doggy day care facility may just be the perfect solution for you and your canine friend. Most dogs need activity and attention, and most of all supervision. Plus, if you are not at home, where are they going to go to relieve themselves?

How Do Thunder Shirts Help to Calm a Fearful Dog?

Thunder shirts have been designed to help to calm dogs or cats during what they find to be stressful situations. They give the animal a gentle “hug” which can have an amazing, calming influence over a fearful animal and around 80% of dog owners have confirmed that their pets show a remarkable improvement when they are wearing their thunder shirt.

Exercise Is Vitally Important For You And Your Dog

Everybody needs exercise. That goes for you and your dog, too! If you are going to have a dog as a companion, you are taking on a responsibility. You must be prepared to provide your dog with good food, clean water, a safe, secure, warm place to sleep, inoculations, veterinary care as needed, companionship and exercise.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement Dog Training – What Works?

Are you interested in German Shepherd training? Want to learn more about how you can take your dog training skills to the next level? Read on as we’ll be going over two dog training strategies – positive and negative reinforcement training! We’ll discuss which one works best and how you can incorporate both into your dog’s training.

What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs, And How Do I Fix It?

Separation anxiety in dogs can be traumatic to both owner and dog. This article identifies some of the characteristics of separation anxiety, why it may be happening and what you as an owner can do to try and alleviate the situation.

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