Dog Training That Will Tire Out Your Dog In Seconds

Make Boarding Easy by Reducing Separation Anxiety

Most dog owners must occasionally board their pet. This become a stressful ordeal if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Here are steps that every dog owner should take to avoid this exasperating problem.

The Causes of Dog Fleas and Ticks

Much like any other dog, your lovable canine can be prone to getting fleas. This would perhaps be one of the most annoying situations your four legged best friend can ever deal with. To have parasites feeding on their skin can be harmful to their health.

Your Dogs and Cats Can Actually Live Together: But How?

Animal lovers would surely like to have as many animals as possible at home. They’d love to have as many as they can fit at home and afford to feed and maintain – and all the while remain acceptable to their families. That sometimes means having animals that might not be able to live together under one roof, at least that’s how those animals are perceived. And the perfect example of that are cats and dogs.

What You Should Know About Traveling With a Dog

Many people choose to take their four legged family members with them, when traveling. It is important that you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

Your Dog and Dealing With Arthritis

Similar to aging humans, a common issue to beset elder canines and some younger dogs as well, is arthritis. Though it can be characterized by inflammations, swelling and stiffness in muscles and joints, the question, what is canine arthritis?

5 Ways To Be Your Dog’s Trusted Advisor and Buddy

The dog owner can be the finest dog advisor. The association of a dog and his owner is very exciting. While bringing up your dog you should know the particular needs of your dog. Every dog is individual in his own way. Two dogs of a same breed can be distinct in their behavior. They may react in a different way to a same situation. Like in human beings, you need “different strokes for different folks.”

It Travels Down The Lead

Your dog is very in tune with your emotions and body language. And what that means is, if you are afraid, tense, worried, excited, happy, or whatever emotion you can think of, your dog knows it. They can smell it on you, whatever it is.

Find The Right Dog Treats For Your Pet

With such a variety of dog snacks, how can you pick the right one for your pooch? This article explains what to consider when making your choice.

5 Lovable Small Dogs That Are Half Havanese

When doing research on small dog breeds, the Havanese needs a long look. This type of dog has many positives and few negatives. Mixing the Havanese with other popular small dog breeds might produce the right dog for you.

The Benefits of Mentally Challenging Your Pup With Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive toys are ideal for mentally challenging your dog and improving its behaviour, focus and concentration. This article explains more.

How to Find a Natural Treatment for Dog UTI

The outcome of treating a urinary tract infection for your dog or cat can be comparable to antibiotics if the UTI is from E. coli. The majority of veterinarians will treat your dog’s UTI with antibiotics, and while they have their place in medicine, they are over and unnecessarily used to treat problems that many times can be resolved with a natural treatment.

Tips on Matching Your Wooden Dog Crate to Existing Furniture

Looking for pet gear that compliments your home decor, rather than clashes with it? Here are some suggestions on styles of wooden dog crates, such as end table dog crates, Amish wood dog crates and more which you can consider as alternatives to ugly pet furniture.

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