Dog vs. Cat Raw Food Diet – The 3 Biggest Differences


Dog Training Using Positive and Corrective Training

Dogs, like kids, take a lot of time and energy. There is more to the care then putting a bowl of food down and some fresh water. Training is a very important part of bringing a dog up right. I am not just talking about the sit, stay, come, or down commands, I am talking about proper behavior. Here are some examples: teaching your dog not to jump on people, not to chew on things like furniture or shoes, not to take food unless it is given to him/her and last but not least dealing with any kind of aggression.

Great Advice For Training Your Dog

From helping your dog to know when to bark, to know when it’s not okay to beg, to come to you when you call him, it’s easy to see how at least some training can be very beneficial. It may seem hard to teach your dog new tricks, but in reality it’s simple if you just keep trying the right strategies. Here’s a few good ideas.

Foods Not To Give To Your Dog

While it is tempting to share your food with your fury family member, you should be aware that many of the human foods are poisonous for dogs. You should avoid ordering foods for your dog from the below menu. APPETIZERS – Baby Food – Many people try to give baby foods especially to pups when they are not feeling well.

It’s All Black and White – The Dalmatian

Few people fail to recognize the black and white spotted, regal, poised, playful Dalmatian. The breed is famous for being a carriage dog, a firehouse dog, and 101 stars for a Disney movie! This popular breed makes a good companion, watchdog, and family pet.

Essential Gun Dog Training Products

Gun dog training is considered an essential aspect of raising a sporting or hunting dog. The reality is, a well-trained dog is certainly a more contented and even more reliable dog! Why? Because a trained hunting dog needs fewer restrictions. The more responsible the dog, the more freedom he’s given.

How to Manage Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be a bummer for both your dog and you. These are a few things you can do to put an end to it!

4 Common Training Mistakes

Training your dog can have a profound effect on your relationship. Make sure you aren’t making any of these common training mistakes.

Tips For Dealing With a Fearful Dog

Advice for owners of fearful dogs. Here we discuss some helpful tips for dealing with fear issues in dogs.

Essential Retriever Training Products

Retrievers are born to fetch fallen birds it is a natural instinct that’s hard coded in their DNA. Unveiling that inborn ability is the key to the training process.

Tips On Training A Gun Dog

Most of the dogs in our homes today are part of the gun dog class. If your dog is a Retriever perhaps, or of a spaniel breed, you might be wondering if this is an important fact to take into consideration when training him. To train a gun dog, there are several factors that you need to take into account for a more efficient outcome.

Have Some Summer Fun With Your Dachshund Dog

It’s that time of the year again when the sun’s shining bright and doing what it does best, making everything swelter. With the mercury hitting the roof, it is a nightmare stepping out at 12 in the noon. Everyone’s feeling the heat and is looking for a brief holiday to a cooler place to get some respite and have fun.

Taking Your Pet on Summer Vacation

If you love your pets as much as I do, you wouldn’t think of going on vacation without them. With a little planning and trying some of these helpful tips vacationing with your pets and be as easy as “sit” and “stay”.

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