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Agility Tunnels And Chutes

Agility tunnels and chutes are a main asset in agility trials. In this article you will learn what they are and how to use them.

How to Make Home Dog Training Easy

Training your pet dog can be easy if you know the secret. A new technique called clicker Traing now makes it child play.

Feeding a Growing Puppy

Puppies are growing fast and will be full of energy and so they have quite different dietary requirements from adult dogs. There are special puppy foods available that will make sure your new pet gets all the nutrients he needs to grow up strong and healthy.

Hire Pet Care Services to Take Good Care of Your Pets

Dogs are special pets and at times more special than even a family member. It is vital for you to make additional arrangements in case if you are about to set on a travel trip for a few days and impossible to take your pet with you. These are the major reasons why more and more people are coming forward to hire pet care services to make the life of both individuals and their pets easier.

Pet Grooming 101: Grooming Your Dog

One of the major responsibilities that you have as a pet owner is to make sure that your pet is properly groomed. This will ensure that you pet looks good, smells good as well as very healthy at all times. A pet that is not groomed properly is a pet that is not well taken care of.

3 Advantages of Dog Training at Home Using a Clicker

Don’t believe your only options are to hire a professional trainer or enroll your pup in obedience training classes to teach your dog some new tricks. Training your dog at home and by you can be enjoyable, simple and quick. Why should you train your dog at home?

Happier Dogs With Glucosamine Supplements

It is very hard for people to watch as their dog begins to slow down, due to old age. Thankfully, there are glucosamine supplements that can revive joint health naturally.

The Dangers Of Hip Dysplasia In Dogs And Available Treatments For It

Hip dysplasia in dogs can be extremely difficult to detect and can have serious consequences for the dog. Besides the common pain the dog is feeling, there is also the risk of it evolving into arthritis and other serious conditions. This article is here to provide more information on hip dysplasia and its effects.

Dog Crates

Dog crate is an enclosed box type chamber in which dogs are enclosed for transportation to different areas or dogs are enclosed for security purposes. Crates are made from different materials that are very tough and hard so that dog can’t escape. Crates are usually made from metals (iron or any other solid metal like aluminium), wire, plastic, or some tough fabric. Dog crates contain a door through which dog be entered or removed from.

How to Start Protection Dog Training

Ever thought about having a guard dog? Maybe even a properly trained protection dog? They can be invaluable ways to protect your home and family.

Dry or Wet Dog Food?

As a pet owner, one of your major concerns is to make sure that your pet is fed well. Your pet needs to get the proper nutrition in order to ensure that it remains healthy, active and very happy. Unfortunately, for many first time pet owners, picking the right food can be quite difficult.

Dog Obedience Training Cost

If you are a new puppy owner that has just bought a new cute puppy into your home I bet you just can’t take your eyes of them. I understand how cute puppies can be, but there is something very important that you need to start thinking about which is whether to train your puppy or not. You may also be thinking about the cost involved and whether it is worth making the sacrifice.

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