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Sporting Dog Breeds – Are They Right For You?

Do you love spending time outdoors at all times of the year? Do you enjoy being active all the time? Do you have a loving, caring, and patient personality? If you answered yes to these questions, then one of the sporting dog breeds might be right for you.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Your Pet

Almost every animal lover dreams of having a dog as a pet. It is really a great feeling to have a puppy back home that expresses its ecstasy once you return home from the day’s tiring work. It helps to do away with the weariness and the love it showers makes you feel rejuvenated. In return, you can also love it and can shower it with a gift or two at regular intervals.

Is a Large Dog the Right Fit for Your Family

Find out if a large breed dog is the right fit for you and your kids. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a large dog, and what to expect.

What Size of Dog Fits My Family

Find out what your should consider when looking for a new dog for your family. Discover the advantages of choosing a medium or a small breed of dog.

How To Taking Care Of Man’s Best Friend The Right Way

Dogs are more an extension of the family than a pet within most households because of their outgoing personalities. They are also great for accompanying people when going out for walks or most things that are related to the outdoors. Unfortunately, even for the most involved pet owner, the food that they feed their dogs simply does not fulfill their daily requirements for nutrients. It is good to go through some of the mistakes people make along with some other good things that one can do to fill the void their dog food leaves.

Dog Training – The 4 Quadrants of Operant Conditioning – What They Are and How They Are Used

We have all heard of reinforcement and punishment and how we can used them to train a dog. But do you know that there are 2 distinct types of reinforcement and punishment and what they are? This article describes them and discusses how the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning, as they are often referred to, are used in the field of dog training.

Some Facts About Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is one of the best jobs a pet owner can give to their dogs and puppies. In fact this is used by many to ensure most behaviors associated with dogs are solved. In addition it acts as the foundation for streamlining any bad behavior that might be seen in dog pets.

Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Do you want your dog to do fun tricks like beg, shake, lay down and much more? Well if you do then this article can teach you five fabulous tricks to teach your dog. The step by step guide makes dog tricks much easier to teach and for your dog to quickly learn.

Tips on How to House Train Your Puppy

Do you find house breaking your puppy difficult? Well, by following the steps in this article you will find house training isn’t as hard as it is cut out to be. Your puppy will be house trained in no time with the special tips and techniques I am about to show you.

Pet Therapy Dogs 101 – Becoming a Therapy Dog Team

Pet therapy dogs are extremely useful in the world, especially for people with disabilities and other health problems. There is a common misconception that therapy dogs need to be a certain breed, or raised to be pet therapy dogs from a very young age. However, therapy dogs can come in all breeds and sizes!

Dog Socialization Tips

Dog socialization is an important aspect of being a pet owner; socialization will help to make everyday situations safe and enjoyable. You don’t want your dog to live his life in fear.. or make other dogs afraid of him.

How to Choose A Veterinary Clinic

When choosing a veterinary clinic you must follow these seven key steps in order to ensure your pet and you are completely satisfied with your choice. Choosing the right veterinarian and an associated clinic could be a life or death decision for your pet.

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