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What Causes Bloat in Dogs

Bloat or gastric dilatation is a life threatening disease which affects dogs in the prime of life. It is more common in large breed dogs and is marked by gastric distention that results in the twisting of the stomach. Boat is known as the overeating syndrome.

Infectious Hepatitis In Dogs

Infectious hepatitis in dogs is a highly contagious viral disease transmitted only to dogs. It is not the same hepatitis found in man. It primarily affects the lining of the blood vessels and the kidneys. It can cause liver damage in dogs.

What Is Canine Degenerative Neuropathy?

The signs and symptoms develop gradually. Many mimic less severe problems. For the most part, dog owners don’t realize there is an insidious disease budding, until it becomes unpromising.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Moodiness or the Blues?

Life changes often, and when it does, it’s easy to forget what kind of impact it might have on your dog. Simple occurrences, such as summer vacation being over and kids going back to school can cause a dog to become anxious, which will manifest itself in the way your dog behaves. When a dog’s life is suddenly upended, and he finds himself alone, separation anxiety may result.

Dog Beds Are Ideal for Your Pet Dog

What our pet dogs use has a huge impact on their behaviour and their health. But as a dog, they we may have a hard time knowing what they really want. So it’s our responsibility to look for the things to give them. There are a lot of good quality dog things that you can find in the market. The question now is how to choose from hundreds of varieties that you can find. Although it’s not impossible to provide the right things for them to use, it can be very confusing. It should have the qualities which is appropriate for your dogs.

The Stupidity of Breed Specific Legislation

I want to address a major problem that is growing around the world in the last few years and that is Breed Specific legislation. For those who are unfamiliar with this term it is a law that many cities around the world have been introducing that states the city is allowed to remove a dog that they consider dangerous even when there has been ZERO evidence to prove that the animal is in fact a danger to those living in that city.

Dog Crates: 4 Must-Have Accessories!

So you’ve invested in a dog crate and you’ve even discovered your dog loves his new home now! Now you’ll be interested to learn about these four accessories that are a must for any dog crate!

Dog Safety: Bringing Home A New Baby?

Are you bringing home a new baby soon? Worried about how your four-legged friend might react? Dogs and babies mix well with proper planning – check out these tips for bringing baby home!

Having a Dog Friendly Yard

If you are thinking about getting a dog or already have a dog that lives or spends its time outside, you will need to create a dog friendly yard. We have provided some tips for you to follow.

Using Australian Labradoodles in Service and Therapy

Dogs need special training to hone their skills as pets, companions and service animals. Australian Labradoodles are well-known for their calm and loving temperament, which helps them excel as therapy and service dogs.

A Harness for Small Dogs

Your dog’s safety is always in your hands. A properly fitted harness may be the answer to more peaceful and less hectic walks and outings for you both. Choosing the right harness for your dog will be the perfect gear for man’s best friend.

Dog Clothing Can Provide Cool, Comfortable Protection From the Sun for Your Dog

This article talks about the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays on a dog’s eyes and skin. It also provides simple and effective, yet inexpensive solutions.

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