EVERYTHING You Need For Your Puppy’s First Week Home!


Which Dog Breeds Make Good Pets for Children?

If you’ve decided that a dog would make a wonderful addition to your family, you should carefully consider what kind of dog would be a good fit for your family’s lifestyle. Things you should think about: How often is your family home?

Tips for Avoiding Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are a place where they bred and produce puppies, just like any other product is manufactured at a mill. Puppy mills are the dirty secret of the dog world. They could be shut down by creating an awareness about their futility. A great and effective step to take to get them shut down is to create laws in regards to their existence. Avoid buying a dog from any source that you suspect uses the mills. The best way of avoiding puppy mills is by rescuing puppies from animal shelters and purchasing puppies reputable and responsible breeders.

Fast Facts About Labradors

For certain, there are a lot of families out there who want to acquire a pet of their own. They would want to have something in the household to keep them entertained as well as a loyal object of affection which they would consider as unofficial members of the family. Dogs are quite a common choice for many people, and there are a lot of breeds to choose from.

Top 5 Near Indestructible Dog Toys

Tired of picking up stuffing and plastic from the floor? These toys will stump your pup and give you a break from breaking your back.

The Pros of Using Plaque Attack on Your Pets

Oral care is an essential aspect of pet grooming, but because of the dangers it imposes, especially for those taking care of big canines, it becomes a neglected responsibility. But with products like Plaque Attack, people can now take care of their dogs’ oral hygiene with ease. This all-natural spray is intended to help get rid of built-up plaque easily and smoothly, without the need to get inside your dog’s mouth and scrub.

Old Age in Dogs: How to Keep Their Quality of Life

All dogs get old. So, here’s what I say on old age in dogs: care for your best friend. Do all of the things they rely on us for, and do it well. Some tips on how to go about that – keep up with grooming, good food, etc.

Meeting a Strange Dog

Meeting a strange dog might seem like a topic that doesn’t need much discussion, because depending on where you live you might see any number of strange dogs in a week. If you’re a dog person, you’ll try and pet them. Depending on how aware you are of stranger etiquette, you may or not get bit for your troubles.

Ten Things I Learned About Dogs

10. Dogs pay attention – If you are sitting and watching television, the moment you decide to leave the room to make a sandwich a dog will know. He must then decide to A, take the chair with all the warmth you just left for himself, OR B, follow you to the kitchen to see if you will drop a slice of ham on the floor by accident.

How to Groom Your Pet at Home

There are two basic reasons to have your dog or cat groomed. First for the overall health of your pet and second is for the aesthetics of your pet.

Raw Talk With A Certified Animal Nutritionist

As an advocate of biologically appropriate nutrition, I come face to face with naysayers and disbelievers of raw food diets for our companion animals every day. To them I ask, “What do dogs eat in the wild?” “What does a wild dog mother feed her pups?

Choosing the Best Wireless Dog Fence for Your Dog

The best place to start is finding a few different brands of wireless dog fence. Some of the brands you will find include PetSafe and Dogtek. These are two of the top brands, but you should find a few to help with your decision.

Pet Supplements Should Be an Informed Decision

Pet supplements is a large and still growing market making it all the more vital for pet owners to be informed. This is a guideline to help pet owners make a safe and informed decision on supplementing their pet’s diet or not.

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