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Bloat in Dogs

This article describes the serious situation when a dog displays gastric dilatation volculus (GDV) or bloats. A dog that displays bloat should be brought to a veterinarian immediately.

Train Your Pitbull Not To Eat Poo?

First of all, you need to realise why your Pitbull has been doing this to begin with. It’s advisable to get the dog to your veterinarian, as this might be a typical chronic behaviour, because it is frequently an indication of a deficiency within their diet plan.

Aging Gracefully: It’s A Senior Dog Life

We all get older, and aging can make life difficult, even for our beloved pets. Where would we be without our pets? How can we best take care of our pets so they have a long, fulfilled, meaningful life, in as much comfort as we can provide them? This article will give you a few tips that will help you prolong the life of your trusty dog as he ages.

Dogs In Need – Can You Help?

Owning a dog means being responsible for the well fare of another being. When times are hard that responsibility turns into a great burden. Dogs need friends to keep them safe and care for them. Can you be such a friend?

Dogs And Happiness – Some Good Facts To Remember About Dog Training

When you got yourself a dog you may have had a dream. Has that dream come true yet? Or have you given it up because it seemed unattainable? Here are a few reminders of how to finally reach your goals.

Golden Retriever Grooming – How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

The benefits of Golden Retriever grooming are broader than merely helping your canine friend looks super. Conscientious grooming of your dog is an important contribution to the emotional well-being of your four-legged mate.

Helping Your Kids Take Care of a Puppy

Kids simply love puppies and puppies love kids! As parents you want to make sure that your kids treat the puppy right so that he can grow up into the perfect dog companion for your children. Kids benefit greatly from a dog in the house.

Funny Dog Story – The Dog Who Loves Diamonds

The fact that dogs are always good for a surprise was demonstrated by a small member of the species some time ago. The dog I am talking about belongs to a jeweler who takes him along to the shop every day where the little dog sits patiently on the counter whilst his master does what jewelers do. One day the jeweler inspected a couple of diamond rings which he left on the counter upon leaving the room.

Discover 7 Tips For Air Travel With A Dog That Must Be Checked As Baggage

Dogs traveling on airplanes, especially those dogs that are traveling as baggage, can present a number of problems for the owner. Even though there are many things to think about and consider, airline travel with dogs doesn’t have to be a nightmare or even extremely stressful. Learning some of the basic rules and regulations, following the guidelines and tips will make the trip successful for you and comfortable for your dog.

Dog’s Well-Being Improves With Exercise, and So Will Yours

Are you a dog owner concerned with your dog’s health and safety? Owners can improve and maintain dog well-being with these tips for daily exercise, while improving their own health too.

Bad Dog Behaviour

Don’t let your pup learn bad habits! Most behavioural problems are caused by boredom and isolation. This is why it is essential to spend time every day with your pup and have him with you in the house or in the yard while you’re home.

Hand Signals for Dogs The Easy Way!

Teaching your dog hand signals can be much easier than you may think. Here are some very useful pointers to get you started off the right way.

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