First 24 Hours With A Completely Untrained Dog!


Car Safety for Your Pet

Dogs love going for rides in the car and people enjoy taking their canine companions along with them. Pet owners have an obligation to travel safely with their pet. This is for the safety of the pet owner, the safety of the pet, as well as for the safety of all other drivers on the road.

Residential Service Dog Training

When the time comes for a dog to undergo training for its future role as a service dog, there are many different theories on which training method is the best, and there are almost as many theories as there are breeds of dog in the world! It seems like there is a newfangled service dog training method coming to the fore each and every week.

What Dogs Need to Eat

Dog food today is being created with this whole shift in thinking that organic is best and raw dog food is better than kibbles. Every brand is quick to boast that they provide fruits, vegetables and Omega oils. It leaves a lot of people worried about whether their dog’s diet is actually adequate. Not only has the shift for organics changed the way people eat and feed their families, now it reflects how they feed their dogs. But like many dog owners, I have found myself wondering, does it REALLY matter? What is my dog missing in his or her diet?

Best Dog Food for Yeast Infections: A Guide to Permanent Wellness in Dogs

Several manufacturers of pet foods proclaim they have a cure to stop a spread of yeast in dogs permanently. Nothing is wrong with a dog owner attempting to gather the best dog food for yeast infections, but the results do matter.

Top Ten Tips to Save on Pet Care

Discover our top ten tips to save on pet care. Since we pet lovers want to provide the very best care for our animal companions, expenses often end up being more than anticipated. Thankfully, there are smart ways to cut the cost of your pet’s upkeep without sacrificing health or happiness.

Fleas on Humans

If you or someone you know has pets, chances are you’ve had an encounter with a flea or two. We usually think of fleas as something that only bothers cats and dogs, but in fact, many humans have had to endure fleas living on their skin as well. This can be incredibly irritating, both physical and emotionally.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Dog

Your dog deserves nothing but the best accessories. If you want to keep your dog pampered, buying good dog accessories and supplies is very important.

Time to Shed Some Facts for Summer Dog Grooming Days

Dog grooming is the basic hygienic care and the necessary regular cleaning of a dog, any shape, size and breed. From the pretty little poodles to great, golden retrievers, every winter coat needs to come off at some point. It is vital that when giving your dog an in-depth trimming, make sure you leave enough hair for his or her protection; their sensitive skin soaks up the rays for severe sunburn, and it is a breeding ground for parasites and problematic skin disorders.

How to Train a Dog – General Considerations 2

Whether a puppy or an elder dog, you have to educate your new companion to follow the rules prevailing in his new environment. And believe me, whether purposeful or more unconscious, you’ll do it. And it’s better to know how to train a dog purposefully than to do it randomly. There are mainly two directions you want your dog to take. Either you want him to do something or you want him to stop something. Keep in mind that the methods for either are different. During all of this you want to establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Water Safety For Your Pets

When summertime arrives it is time for pool parties and days at the beach. It is also the time of the year where many dogs come in contact with backyard pools, beaches, streams, lakes, and ponds. While we all want to have fun playing in the water with our pets, but everyone needs to be aware that over exertion and the very real danger of pet drowning can occur. It is estimated that thousands of pets die annually from drowning though actual number are not know since most go unreported. Tragedy can be avoided by implementing a few simple safety measures.

Pets – The Lovely Part of Our Life

To love someone is in the nature of a human. Pets are one of the most loved individuals all around the world.

How to Fence Train a Puppy Fast and Effectively

Installing an electric fence is one of the most effective methods of holding in your puppy. It can allow you to leave your puppy totally unsupervised for long periods of time in the place he loves the most, the great outdoors. So what’s the catch?

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