From Sweet Mini Pomeranian To Adult, All About This Dog Breed

Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy For Your Puppy or Dog

Canine Hydrotherapy, also known as Canine Aqua Therapy is a safe, healthy alternative form of injury preventive exercise, as well as rehabilitation, and relaxation for puppies and dogs suffering from many afflictions. It can also be used as a stimulating, vigorous, low-impact exercise and training method for strong, healthy dogs.

6 Super Simple Facts To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy This Summer!

You may be harming your precious canine this summer and not even know it! Check your knowledge and you’ll assure a fun, happy and safe summer for all!

Getting a Puppy – The Right Way!

Thinking about getting a puppy? Have you really thought it through? It’s a big commitment and responsibility. Let’s take a look at some common sense issues that must be considered prior to bringing the pooch home.

Dress Your Pup Like a Patriot With Doggie Clothes

Dressing up is a great way to show your patriotism and celebrate the holiday. Getting the family pet in on some of the action is a great way to include her in on important family activities and it’s just a lot of fun.

Common Dog Health Problems

There are many different dog health problems that you may encounter if you share your life with a canine or two. There are ways to both prevent them from happening and to cure them if the do occur. These measures involve a system of natural dogs health care.

Right Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

A lot of dog breeds have very sensitive stomachs; therefore, they need the right dog food that would not allow their stomachs to be upset. For every dog owner who simply wants the best for their pet dogs, taking care of their dogs is very essential. When it comes to their food, it is necessary to feed them with food that would allow them to become strong and healthy…

Do Puppies Need to Chew on Things?

Getting a new puppy is one of the greatest joys in life, but there are some difficulties that come with a puppy. Just like a baby, you have to teach your puppy the right things to do and punish bad behavior so that they do not continue these undesirable actions.

Raising a Puppy: Create a Safe Play Pen Area

Puppies are naturally playful and inquisitive and can easily get into trouble when not supervised. They can run out of the house onto a busy road, chew cables, shoes and furniture, chase other pets, steal food and be a nuisance at meal times or when visitors come over. This article explains the benefits of using a play pen to create a safe puppy play area where they are confined to one section of a room. Puppy confinement with a play pen is a wonderful way to raise your puppy. Rather than just confining the puppy in a crate, a play area will allow him some space to walk around and play with toys, whilst keeping him safe.

Dog Crates and Average Cost

This article is meant to help dog owners choose the best dog crate for their beloved pet at a price they can afford. With a bit of research a dog owner can make an excellent educated decision.

Potty Training for Puppies – How to House Train a Dog and Tips for Overnight Toilet Training

Potty training a puppy can take several weeks, and a lot of time and patience. This article has some puppy toilet training tips to speed up the house training process.

The Beautiful Dachshund Dog Breed

What are the traits of a Dalmatian and what makes this dog breed so adorable? Despite what you might think the Dachshund actually makes a loyal loving pet and even a good guard dog.

Pet Sitting Insurance and Bonding

If you are pet sitting on your own, with no employees, you are probably not insured for the type of work that you are doing. However, there are insurance companies that provide coverage for sitters at a reasonable rate.

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