German Shepherd – Top 10 Facts


Prolong Your Pet’s Life With Herbs for Dogs

Treat and prevent dog diseases using natural and holistic remedies and recommended herbs for dogs. Give your dog a chance to live a long and healthy life.

What Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Dog Vaccination

This issue of dog vaccination is fraught with controversy and an array of conflicting opinions. There are real benefits of vaccines, but also risks, from short term lethargy, to more serious disease such as autoimmune disorders. Fortunately organizations such as AAHA are now suggesting longer intervals between vaccines, but the number, and frequency of vaccines is still up for debate. Consider my suggested vaccine protocol, and learn as much as possible about vaccines and diseases in your area. Your veterinarian cannot make this decision for you, nor should they. It is your responsibility to make this decision for your dog. The best road to good health is feeding a diet rich in fresh foods, raw meats for the carnivores, fatty acid supplements, adequate exercise, lots of positive human interaction and avoiding disease.

7 Easy Steps to Start Living Eco-Friendly With Your Pet

You affect the environment in everything you do. Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative. You have the ability to make good decisions. The decisions you make affect the world you and your pet live in. Here are a few tips to make you a more responsible pet owner.

Keep Your Dog And Your Wallet Safe With Cheap Dog Houses

Everyone loves their pets. Animals in general, and dogs in particular, make the perfect companions for singles and families alike. Just about the only negative thing associated with dog ownership is the expense. Fortunately, there are multiple ways…

Bathe a Dog – Learn How To Bathe Your Dog

As a dog owner it is important that your dog is bathed regularly to keep him clean and his skin healthy and it is an essential part of dog grooming. Bathing your dog can be pleasurable for both you and your dog if you just follow some simple basic steps as outlined in the following article. So get your hands wet and learn how to bathe your dog..

Dog Shedding: 5 Tips to Control It

With summer fast approaching…we all start to notice the intense shedding going on from our dogs! Fortunately there are ways we can help control this and here are a few tips to do just this.

How To Slow Down The Madness Of Dog Shedding

One of the problems that many people experience when they own a dog is the fact that it tends to shed nonstop. This is especially important in warmer climates, where they may be shedding 365 days a year. There are some things that you can do, however, which will help to slow down the shedding and may even stop it to the point where it is no longer a serious problem.

Teaching An Adult Dog Basic Commands

Teaching your new dog basic commands and house breaking can be done at any age. You just need to go through some basic steps.

General Bull Terrier Training

Training a bull terrier can be hard and tricky at times. Some are raised late when old and raised wrong when young.

Pack Leader – Is Your Dog in Charge?

Dog behavior is rather simple. Someone has to be in charge. Is it you or your dog? If you aren’t in charge then aggression, separation anxiety, destructive behavior and a poor relationship with your pet may occur. Use these simple guidelines to start out on the right footing.

Dog Collars for Your Dogs Safety and Training Needs

Do you own a dog? Are you fond of how having your pet is a lot of fun, a challenge and a responsibility at the same time? If then, you are among the many dog lovers, the many who enjoys every single day with their pet with them. It has been known over the years how dogs are known as man’s best friend and how they can be a part of the family. How these creatures saves lives and how they seem to have you and your safety as their priority. Having a pet is not difficult if only you are dedicated at being a pet owner, if only you have that genuine heart to care for your pet.

Starting a Dog Daycare Business

If you want to start a dog daycare business, it will help to know what it was like for someone who’s been where you are. This is my start-up story. Fifteen years ago I was a Human Resources Manager in a Fortune 100 company that had recently been acquired by another Fortune 100 company.

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