Get More Focus From Your Dog In Training


Choices in Dog Ramps for Aging Dogs

Dog ramps are perfect for aging dogs. Learn more about your choices in dog ramps.

Dog Coats Are Fashionable and Functional

Dog coats come in all styles, colors, and sizes. There are raincoats, fall coats, and winter coats. There are hooded parkas, capes, and vests. There are as many types of coats available for dogs as there are coats for humans.

Choosing The Best Dog Medicine For Your Ailing Canine Friend

Treat your beloved pet with the highest quality medications and treatment. In choosing from the thousands of pet meds on the market today, make sure to consult a trusted veterinarian before settling on a treatment. Home medical equipment, grooming accessories, and products, flea and tick products, heartworm treatments and more-you can’t be too choosy when it comes to finding health solutions for your best friend.

Excellent Tips To Potty Train Your Puppy

This article contains tips on how to properly housebreak a puppy. It also talks about how you should always reward your puppy for doing his duties outside and that getting angry is the worst thing that you can do.

My Touch Removes A Dog’s Ouch! – 1

This is the first article of a series on “My Touch Removes Dog’s Ouch.” Follow us and discover how Perseverance, Patience, Passion become the three P’s of stellar strengths held together by Faith.

Pitbull Puppies

Controversy and misinformation surrounds Pitbull puppies. However pit bulls can make excellent companions and family dogs. Those who bring a Pitbull into their life will find that the breed is typically highly intelligent, playful and energetic.

Pet Sitter Decisions

You first have to decide if you want your dog or cat cared for in your home. Are you comfortable with a stranger coming into your home? Which option is the least stressful for your pet; someone coming into your home, or taking them some place else to be cared for?

Christmas Presents for Dogs

Don’t leave your dog out of the Christmas festivities this year. There are so many gifts to choose for your furry friend.

Medications Kill Countless Pets Per Year

America’s love affair with prescription medications is taking its toll on our pets. Hundreds, and possibly thousands die every year due to owner addiction and carelessness.

Chihuahuas: A Social Behavior Dog

Chihuahuas are a very social, toy-sized dog. They make wonderful pets due to their naturally social behavior.

About Leaving Your Dog At A Boarding Kennel

It’s time to go on vacation, or a business trip, or leave home for some reason and you can’t take your favorite friend(s) with you. You have decided to let a boarding kennel take care of your dog while you are away.

Taking Care Of A Sick Puppy

One of your main responsibilities as a pet owner is to see to it that you properly care for your pet. If you have a pet puppy, you have to see to it that it is properly cared for if it gets sick. Like all living things, your puppy can get sick. This is why you really need to prepare yourself and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge in order to be able to properly care for your sick pet.

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