GIANT Dog Dragging His Owners Into Traffic Must Be Stopped!


What Dog Breed Is the Perfect Dog for Me?

So, you’re thinking about getting a dog. Why not? There’s no companion quite like man’s best friend.

Tips on Potty Training Your Puppy

Dog training is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, for some dog owners, the need to bring their dogs to a dog training school is inevitable as soon as they encounter the hoard of dog training problems.

Top 10 Best Dog Beds

Dogs love being comfy and a good dog bed will keep him or her off your sofa. Let’s look at top 10 of the best dog beds for dogs.

Give Your Pet Doggie the Mobility He Deserves With Wheelchairs

Your pet could be immobile due to various reasons such as injury or illness. To help a handicapped dog lead a happy, mobile life, it is necessary to get him the right equipment. To get your paralyzed dog move around, all you have to do is to start browsing and searching for the best wheelchair for disable animals online. You will find stores offering wheelchairs in various models, sizes and designs making it easy for you to choose one that exactly meets your pet’s requirements.

Fleas, Release Me, Let Me Go!

How do you know your dog or cat has fleas? Take a look at the following signs to see if fleas are bugging your pet…

The All Natural Way To End Fleas And Ticks

When it comes to flea and tick control, many pet owners get uncomfortable with the toxic pesticides that are used in conventional methods. These days, there are some natural options out there. Sometimes, they take a bit more “elbow grease,” but they may be just as effective and are generally safer. Here are some natural options for flea and tick control for your pets and home.

Causes and Tips To Manage Inappropriate Behaviors

There are many causes why dogs exhibit inappropriate behavior. Ironically, to find them, sometimes we need only to look in the mirror.

How to Adopt a German Shepherd?

Many have been looking forward to owning a German Shepherd. However, a lot of people are still clueless on where to adopt one and how the adoption process goes. To answer your queries about German Shepherd dog adoption, here are some tips and guidelines that may help you.

Stop Worms Infestation And Dog Shedding Today! Raw, Wholesome Diets Lower Risks

Dogs of different breeds face challenges living as victims to dog shedding, worm’s infestation and other pestering dog-specific health problems. Retracing medical reports; an adoptive parent of a canine has enough evidence to determine prior medical issues his or her dog has experienced throughout a life cycle.

Quick Tips for Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

A dog breeder is usually who you want to get in touch with if you want to get the best puppy. Unfortunately, finding one who is actually good isn’t always easy. These tips should help.

Leashes for Walking Multiple Dogs

If you own two dogs, you have experienced the joy of trying to walk them simultaneously. You probably even started out trying to hold two separate leashes. Maybe you have even given up trying to walk them due to tangled leash problems. Walking multiple dogs really requires using the right equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of items that makes this easy.

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Backpack

Tips on training your dog to wear a backpack. We focus on training large dogs but your little pal can learn here too. From large dog clothes to big dog backpacks, we train our best friends to enjoy being big helpers.

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