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Pet Meds That Are Common For Puppies

Warm, cuddly and cute, when most people adopt or buy their puppy the last thing on their mind is the issue of veterinary care. But pets of all ages have their medical needs and with younger dogs, prevention is the key to your four legged friend leading a long and healthy life. Common medications most puppies need include those for worm, flea and tick control but sometimes unique behavioral issues also crop up that require meds.

Kinds of Seizures in Dogs

If you have a dog that has had a seizure, you’re probably worried about what it means for his long term health and functionality. Despite how alarming seizures are when they happen, in most cases seizures in dogs are not an indicator of a lifetime of poor health. With proper care and attention, dogs that are prone to seizures can live a normal and happy life.

Canine Epilepsy Basics

There are few things more frightening than realizing that your dog has epilepsy. It can seem like your dog has been given a death sentence. In fact, most sufferers of canine epilepsy lead normal lives and have happy lives. Canine epilepsy is a condition that will affect your dog for the rest of its life but it does not have to dominate the dog’s life.

Types of Dog Seizures

If you have a dog that has had a seizure, you understand how difficult and painful the situation can be. There are many different causes for dog seizures and many different kinds of dog seizures. By knowing what kind of seizure your dog is having, you can help the vet figure out what is causing your dog’s seizures.

Canine Seizure Basics

Canine seizures are an alarming thing to witness in your pet. Even after the seizure, the dog may not seem like itself for a few minutes or as long as a few days. Obviously, the first thing you should do is go to the vet and have the dog examined, but you should also do some research into canine seizures.

Australian Shepherds: Information

The Australian Shepherds are vigorous, well-proportioned and country dogs – a little longer than tall. Their slightly arched heads and medium-length muzzles are about the same length. Their almond-shaped can be brown, blue or amber. Their ears are triangular and set high and their tails are straight and naturally short.

Dog Friendly Dog Training

When it comes to the best way to train your dog, the sheer wealth and breadth of conflicting advice is often bewildering. Bookstores and pet shops sell a vast array of literally hundreds of different dog books, and each one recommends different training methods-jerk the leash, don’t jerk the leash; use food, don’t use food; always do this, never do that. Worse yet, for the longest time most people have associated dog training with choke collars and leash jerks, assuming the whole process to be a chore and a drag.

How to Avoid Exorbitant Vet Bills

Vet bills, especially when times are difficult for so many Americans, can often come at the wrong time. It’s difficult to prevent all accidents from happening to your pet, but there are certain precautions you can take as a pet owner to help reduce the chances that you end up at the veterinarian’s office.

Puppy Socialisation – Getting Your Puppy Used to People

Puppy socialization is key for a happy, healthy, well-trained dog. Puppies which are not socialized properly and don’t get to meet enough people can become fearful and even aggressive towards humans.

Awesome Large Dog Houses

Large dogs deserve large dog houses. Learn more about these pet homes.

Where To Find Cheap Dog Houses

Want to give your dog a good home? Here are good sources of cheap dog houses.

How To Keep Your Dog From Whining

So you have a dog and you have issues with whining, barking, and howling. As soon as you leave, he creates a ruckus.

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