Golden Retriever Attacked by Funny Tiny Kittens


How to Train the Puppy to Walk With the Use of a Leash

Contradictory to what movies and TV shows tell us, training to walk a dog using a leash is not easy. This is because it is not in the nature of a dog to be held by a leash and they prefer to walk and run as free as they can. That is why there is a need for dog training before you can walk your dog smoothly with a leash on.

Dog Houses For Winter

According to a study by Duke University the way you think as a dogs master is one of the most important things to that dog. Dogs rely on your input and care about your direction more than any other species known to man just as children rely on adults in their development.

The Value of German Shepherd Obedience Training

Your puppy needs to learn the essentials very early. Train your young puppy from its first few days with you to accept being left alone. This also applies when you’re too busy to play. Your puppy must be well behaved even if you are not around. Crate training and house training can go hand in hand.

Controlling Aggressive German Shepherd Behavior

Anybody would let you know that a German shepherd is a good dog to own. They are faithful, intelligent and can risk their life to save their owner. However, do note that not just any person can own a German shepherd.

Choosing a Dog Bed: Doughnuts Are Nice, But Are They Right For Your Pet?

You may be thinking of buying your Yorkie a new bed, and among the styles available today is the “doughnut” shaped bed, which happens to be a popular one. Doughnut dog beds are called that because they are usually more or less round like a doughnut and have a hollowed out center where the dogs sleeps on the cushioned nest in the middle. The raised sides allow your dog to nestle inside the comfortable bedding and lean against the bed’s soft inner walls if he wants.

Tips for Choosing Dog Clothing for a Christmas Party

‘Tis the season and that means it is the time of year when Christmas and holiday parties will be held. If your lovable pooch will be attending a party with you, or simply helping you host your own holiday gathering, you might want to dress him up in fancy threads to celebrate.

Being Aware of the Right Effective Dog Training

Owning a dog as a pet does not only mean enjoyment. Dogs are like kids. You cannot always expect it to behave as well as you would expect it to.

The Benefits Brought About by Dog Training Pads

Dog training pads are usually used in training puppies. But older dogs can also use it for their training. It is ideal to start training your pets early so that you will not be all stressed out.

Some Words a Dog Can Learn in Dog Training

Dog training is a little like educating a child; you need to use words to convey your message across. Research proves that dogs can learn and comprehend more than 100 words in their lifetime.

Some Training Tips for the Problem Dog

A problem dog is not the type of pet who can provide owners fun and happiness. If the dog shows aggressive behavior, it can be dangerous to the owner or to the whole family. Dogs showing uncontrollable behavior need to undergo aggressive dog training.

Some Dog Training Methods You Need to Refrain From

Dog training consists of two different ways. One is that which uses the reward system where a treat is given every time the pet does something good. This will help make the dogs think of doing the same good thing over and over again if they want to earn a treat.

How to Train a Police Dog

Police training for dogs is totally different compared to the typical dog training which teaches the animal to acquire pleasant behavior. This type of dog training is not for fun and convenience but is for a certain job.

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