Golden Retriever Reacts to Mom Cat with Kittens in Dog Bed


How to Train Hunting Dogs?

The first thing one should always ensure before embarking on training hunting dogs is obedience. This is because without obedience, you might end up in ugly incidences that might cost you dearly. Once that is achieved you can set out to train your dog how to become a cooperative companion while hunting.

How to Choose the Right Dog Treats for Your Canine Friend

Choosing the right dog treat in today’s extensive pet food market is a difficult task. With so many options available in today’s pet food market, how can you choose the best dog treat for your canine friend? Here, we will have a look at the factors to be considered before selecting the right dog treat.

What Is Clicker Training and Why It’s Among the Best Training Method for Your Dog

Dog clicker training is among the best way to train your family pet to learn basic and even advanced commands regardless of whether you are inside or outside the home. If you do not want to pay for pricey behavior training classes, you may want to consider teaching your furry friend yourself through a simple technique called clicker training. Don’t be confused with classical conditioning this technique falls under the classification of operant conditioning.

Beat Obesity In Your Dog

Believe it or not, obesity in dogs is a problem that happens all too often, and the owners of these obese dogs can shoulder a good amount of the blame for an overly fat dog! In essence, one of the most efficient ways that a dog can become obese is if the owner already has a bad and inactive lifestyle that can lead to obesity for the owner! This makes a world of sense if you carefully consider it. After all, the dog owner is the master of the pet dog, which means that a lot of what the owner does is going to affect the life and the life expectancy of the pet pooch.

The History of Dog Clothes

Have you ever wondered about the history of Dog Clothes? Then read on for a fascinating insight into the past – it may just surprise you!

Pet Road Trips: Survey Reveals Summer Travel Plans and Habits of Pet Parents

Find out what pet parents are up to this summer and what they do with their pets when traveling. Some things may surprise you!

English Bulldogs – Although Often Misunderstood, Bulldogs Make the Most Wonderful Pets You Can Have

Did you ever notice that people tend to have pets whose personalities match their own? Oh, I’m not talking about those people who have birds, fish, or reptiles for pets. (Though an argument could be made for SOME snake owners!).

Basic Dog Ear Care And Cleaning

Ear care and cleaning can be less of a hassle if you have a plan of action and the right tools. Having two people, an easy to clean up space and the right cleaner can be very helpful.

Is Pet Insurance Worth The Cost?

Pet insurance can be expensive, but is it worth the cost? Are you aware of the cover available and the extras it can provide? Beware of leaving the decision until it is too late – it is much more expensive to get insurance for an older dog. This article will help you to search for the right policy for you.

Step-By-Step Guide to Fitting a Martingale Dog Collar

As part of the overall health and well-being of your dog, fitting a collar correctly is one of the most important factors in the lifetime welfare of your furry best mate. Martingale dog collars are one of the most versatile and durable collars for all breeds of dogs and incredibly easy to fit to all sizes of dogs-even puppies.

Microchip Dog – A Dog-Gone Good Story Worth Telling

A Microchip for a dog helps ensure that your lost pet will find its way home. Once in a while these pet microchips render a tale worth sharing with other concerned parents of pets. This time, a dog microchip gives us a story of sadness and gladness, almost in the same breath. With the hope that this illustrates the importance of getting a microchip for your dog, or any pet that might get lost, I impart this tale.

Information About The Cost of An Invisible Dog Fence

If you are a pet owner and your dog has this penchant of roaming around the neighborhood, chances are you are seriously considering having a wireless dog fence installed in your home. What is preventing you from getting a pet containment system is that it might put too big a dent in your family budget. Naturally, you would want to know first how much these dog fence costs.

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