Great Dane Dog Breed, 7 Reasons Why It’s Your Best Protector


Crate Training With Wire Dog Crates

A pet crate is recommended for every dog. Wire dog crates are more versatile than their plastic counterparts, being able to be folded for easy storage or transport. Wire crates are available in different sizes to accommodate any dog.

Choosing Wire Dog Crates

Dog crates are an essential part of any canine household. Wire crates are among the most popular because they are unobtrusive, and can be folded up when not needed, or to transport from place to place. They are fairly heavy, which can be a positive if your dog tends to rock around while crated.

Canine Distemper: Should I Vaccinate?

Canine Distemper is a serious disease that affect the respiratory tract and mucus membranes of your pet. Your pet could easily become infected by another dog. Luckily, there is an effective vaccine available.

Wire Dog Crates for Small Pets

Dog crates are a necessity for every pet-owning household. Wire crates are the most versatile, because they can be folded for easy transport or to be stored out of the way. They’re also more attractive than plastic crates, and can be covered to complement the room’s decor.

Wire Dog Crates for Medium Sized Pets

A wire dog crate is a useful piece of equipment. Dogs liked the enclosed, den-like feel that a crate provides. It lets them completely relax, and they won’t be worried about what is going on around the home. For dogs who show any kind of problem behaviour such as destruction or barking when left home alone can be managed using a pet crate.

Wire Dog Crates for Big Pets

Top trainers recommend that every dog be trained to spend quiet time in a pet crate. This enables you to have the peace of mind that he isn’t getting into anything when you can’t watch him. If the dog crate is placed in the lounge room or another area where there’s lots of activity, he can still be part of the flow without getting underfoot.

Housebreaking Your Puppy With Wire Dog Crates

One of the primary uses of a dog crate is as an aid in housebreaking. Wire crates are popular because of their versatility. They can be folded for storage or easy transport, and they’re less obtrusive in the home than plastic dog crates.

Wire Dog Crates for Behaviour Management

If you have a dog with behavioural issues, the simple addition of a wire dog crate to your daily routine can have a big impact. There are some things that are just part of the personality of an individual dog, for which training will never be a definitive solution. In these cases, trainers recommend the principle of management. That is, you manipulate the conditions so that your dog simply cannot choose to engage in the bad behaviour.

Is Your Dog a Member of One of the Smart Dog Breeds?

Think your dog is smart because it can retrieve a stick or bury a bone? Think again. Behavioral studies have determined that the process of establishing the intelligence of a particular breed is much more involved. Check our list of the smartest dog breeds. Your dog may be included… or not!

Canine Influenza, H3N8

Canine Influenza, or H3N8, is a strain of the flu that affects dogs. Since the symptoms are similar to “Kennel Cough” it is important to be aware of what you as a dog owner can do to recognize it.

Clicker Training – Dog Obedience

There are a variety of dog obedience schools available where you can take your dog to be trained. A lot of these schools use the classical conditioning method to train dogs. Another method used is operant conditioning. You can either look for a school that offers this method or you can use a clicker to train your dog at home. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort, clicker training is a great option for you.

Instant Leash Training Methods for Any Dog

Is your dog having trouble understanding the right way to walk? Whether you have a pitbull or a doberman pincher these leash training methods will help. The training techniques are the same for every dog.

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