Great Pyrenees – Top 10 Facts


Pitbull Allergies: Recognizing When Your APBT May Be Allergic

Sneezing. Itching. Watery eyes. Difficult breathing. All of these are common signs of Pitbull allergies, but they can also indicate more serious problems – and they may not always be present. How do you know whether it’s an allergy? And if it is, what should be done?

Dog Tumors: What Causes Them And How You Can Reduce Them

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare: you’re petting your beloved pup, and under your hand you feel an unexplained lump. You rush your companion to the vet, fearing the worst. While it’s natural to be concerned, it’s important to remember that dog tumors are caused by a lot more than just cancer.

Curing Excessive Barking Dog Behavior Effectively

Even when there are people we love, they sometimes have habits we wish they didn’t. The same is true of our pets. Curing excessive barking dog behavior can lead to a more harmonious existence with man’s best friend, and let your household be calmer and more trouble-free.

3 Ways To Manage Dog Barking Problems

Do you own a dog? Are you feeling exhausted because of his excessive barking? As much as we love our dogs, excessive barking can be very frustrating. The truth is, excessive barking is a common complaint among dog owners and neighbors. If your dog has barking problems, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss why dog barks excessively and we will tackle a number of effective dog training tips to help you control the problem.

Seven Warning Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

Dogs, like man also get anxious. They too have varying degrees of anxiety levels. Some dogs can easily get restless and nervous with simple things like a car horn or a loud knock on the door. In order to solve the issue, it is important for dog owners to determine the factors causing the dogs to be alarmed. By carefully examining the dog’s body language, one can easily recognize if there is something wrong.

How To Deal With A Jealous Dog

Do you ever wonder why some dogs act negatively whenever an owner brings home a new baby or a new dog? If you think that dogs do not get jealous, think again. Like man, dogs can feel too. They feel excited, happy, sad, fearful and jealous. Some people do not believe that dogs get jealous. However, there are instances when dogs feel abandoned and left out. They refuse to eat and to interact. You may call it jealousy or something else, but the behavior and actions of the dog must not be ignored and must be addressed promptly as not to make the situation worse.

Teaching Your Dog How To Fetch

Dogs like most mammals are trained to do certain task by means of mental conditioning. They tend to respond to things according to an associated (positive/negative) experience (Reward and Punishment). Basically, these two are the most important tools needed by the trainer to control the dog.

Four Common Dog Behavior Problems

Dogs are special animals. According to studies, dogs are excellent pets because they can help reduce stress and they can lower your risks for high blood pressure. That is one good reason dogs are adopted in hospitals and nursing homes for pet therapy. However, dogs are not perfect creatures. Even the most commendable dog breeds have their share of temper and behavior problems.

Four Ways To Solve Dog Chewing Problems

Dogs chew. It is a normal canine behavior. When does chewing become a problem? Mastication or chewing becomes a problem when it becomes destructive that your dog starts to chew everything around the house, from old rugs to sneakers and wooden sofa set. It can be heartbreaking to see your cute and adorable dog turning into a monster muncher. If you are concern about your dog’s chewing problems, following are dog and puppy training tips on how to solve the issue.

How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Other Dogs

Perhaps you have heard of kids, brothers and sisters fighting over the attention of their parents or a small child developing sibling rivalry when a new baby was brought home from the hospital. Conflicts and competition between siblings is referred to as sibling rivalry. It can be very frustrating to watch. If you’re a parent, seeing your kids fight with one another over small things can be very stressful. Did you know that this kind of competition can also happen between dogs? This usually happens when you bring home a new puppy.

Are Dog Rescue Adoption Contracts Becoming Leasing Agreements?

In my ongoing research into dog rescue groups, I have discovered an alarming change that some groups are making to their adoption contracts. A new item is being added to the contract that effectively gives the rescue group the “right” to reclaim the dog you adopted at any time in the future.

How To Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

Dogs are considered as “man’s best friend”. This is the reason why many people really want to have at least one dog in their home. Dogs are so special in so many ways and they have all the characteristics that will make you amazed. These animals are also versatile because they help the police in numerous operations such as drug raid and inspections, chasing criminals and any other crime-related matters. If you have dog, then you are very lucky because you will be able to spend the best moments with it. However, there are times that a dog does very unusual things especially when his owner is leaving him.

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